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Whether you’re building a home theater, outfitting your family room, or adding a cozy movie nook elsewhere in your home, we can serve all of your video screen needs at Seagull Electronics. Contact our experts at (561) 624-0220 today to set up a free consultation. No smart home is complete without a comfortable place to gather and watch your favorite shows and movies. While smart TVs have a well-established place in the smart home market, more and more people are going for a space-saving alternative: projection screens. While any white surface can work as a projection screen if the room is dark enough, for a true home theater experience, today’s smart homeowners should look to an authorized Screen Innovations video screen dealer. You want your dedicated movie-watching space to feel cozy, comfortable, and accessible. However, none of that matters if the quality of your entertainment isn’t up to par. Let our experts help you select the perfect screen for your movie and TV space, help you install it, and get you into the home entertainment zone you’ve been dreaming of.  

About Screen Innovations Video Screens

Screen Innovations is a longstanding company that leads the pack in projection screen technology. As an authorized dealer for Screen Innovations, we offer screens that use only the best ambient-light-rejecting technology.

Screen Innovations brought this technology to market in 2008 with the Black Diamond optical screen. This screen and subsequent iterations reject the light that shines from left, right, above, and below it. It only reflects light that comes from opposite the screen (i.e., the projector). This results in a near-flawless viewing experience, even in bright rooms during the day.

This opens up countless new location options for consumers looking to build a new home theater. With the help of these screens, you no longer need to build in the depths of your basement, far away from the rest of the action.

If you prefer, you can create a home theater directly in your living room, in a spare bedroom, or virtually anywhere else – even outdoors. Plus, you don’t need to worry about adding blackout curtains or shades, even in bright rooms.

Screen Innovations’ video screens come in several different finishes, quality levels, sizes, and prices, so there’s a solution for any size room or budget.

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When you’re ready to create an entertainment space that’ll be the envy of all your friends, don’t hesitate to contact Seagull Electronics for help. Our team of design experts can help you figure out exactly what you need in your space to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, video games, and other media at any time of day.

Plus, we’re not just a Screen Innovations video screen dealer; we’re also home automation specialists. We can help you add smart speakers, projectors, and other solutions that add the finishing touches to your new entertainment space. Contact us today by calling (561) 624-0220 with any questions you may have!

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