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Savant Control System

Have you been searching for smart solutions for your home? If so, you’ve come to the right Savant control system dealer. Our team of installation experts won’t rest until your smart-connected home works flawlessly. To take advantage of your free consultation, call us at (561) 624-0220.

Smart, interconnected homes only started to appear at the turn of the century, but they’ve exploded in popularity since then. In today’s smart home, you’ll find everything from motorized shades for climate control to smart home theater speakers, smart lighting, smart televisions, and intelligent door entry controllers.

However, today’s smart home can have so many connected devices that controlling them all becomes overwhelming. Enter Savant, who introduced their own take on smart home control. The Savant system allows you to control virtually all of your smart home devices from one central controller.

Installing and connecting so many smart devices can feel like an insurmountable task, especially for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy. At Seagull Electronics, we want to get you into the smart home of your dreams, and we want to make it as accessible and user-friendly as possible. As a Savant control system dealer, we offer professional installation for all of your smart home solutions, including the Savant system.

What Is Savant?

Savant has been part of the home automation market for more than a decade, but in previous years, its products were geared toward the ultra-wealthy. As smart home features like climate control shades, smart thermostats, and remote door locks become affordable for everyone, Savant followed suit.

The Savant system uses a “hub,” a small computer that interfaces between all of your smart home devices. In Savant’s case, you’ll also receive a remote that allows you to save presets, control each product, and monitor your home from one place. The company also offers a range of high-quality smart devices that integrate with the Savant control system, including:

As a certified Savant control system dealer, Seagull Electronics can install all Savant products and connect them to your Savant hub for your convenience. The Savant hub also works with several other brands, so if you already have a few smart home devices, you may be able to add them to your new Savant system, too.

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When it comes to smart home technology, the name of the game is convenience. At Seagull Electronics, we’ve decided to offer Savant’s smart home control system because it combines the convenience our customers need with the luxury and accessibility they want.

As a Savant Control System dealer and home automation expert, Seagull Electronics is committed to advancing your smart home plans to the next stage. Whether you’ve already invested in a few smart devices or you’re starting from scratch, feel free to contact us anytime at (561) 624-0220 for help. 

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