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You can improve the safety and security of your home with the installation of 2GIG products. A 2GIG security system can offer you reliability and the functionality you want. A 2GIG dealer in Palm Beach County can walk you through each step of the installation process.

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Facts About 2GIG Products

2GIG specializes in creating security systems that work well for individuals with a smart home. These systems feature upgradable technology that makes it easy for you to stay confident about the security of your property. The company also focuses on designing products you can use easily. 2GIG strives to offer robust options that give you security and automation when it comes to setting up the electronics in your home. In many cases, once you get a 2GIG device programmed, it continues carrying out its tasks without further input.

Products Offered by a 2GIG Dealer

Are you interested in learning more about the devices provided by a 2GIG dealer? Our team can provide you with more information about 2GIG below.

Security Panels

2GIG panels, such as the EDGE panel, give you the ability to control your home security from one place. The EDGE panel features seamless integration, microphones for two-way communication, and a very sleek design.

Remote Keypads

Are you interested in installing a secondary keypad? You can select the EDGE Remote Keypad. You can view camera feeds, videos, and photos on this device. Your keypad also lets you access all smart home controls.

Encrypted Sensors

2GIG developed a number of encrypted sensors to offer property owners increased peace of mind regarding the security of their homes or businesses. These sensors focus on different aspects of security. Property owners can install sensors that detect:

The above list reflects only examples of the encrypted sensors available from 2GIG. You may contact a 2GIG dealer to learn more about the options offered by the company.

Installing 2GIG Systems in Florida

2GIG systems often work in accord with smart home systems. However, they must be carefully installed to ensure they don’t conflict with other aspects of your home or business systems. A professional installation company can review your current technology setup before adding on devices from 2GIG.

For example, 2GIG products function with Z-Wave accessories and sensors. You may connect the 2GIG system to smart outlets, wall switches, or thermostats. You can even hook your garage door opener into your smart home system.

Using smart home technology can increase your comfort and make handling issues around the home more convenient. Discuss all of your options for technology installation by contacting a 2GIG specialist.

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