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Protecting the equipment in your home theater is critical to prevent expensive damage. WattBox IP Power Conditioner with OvrC offers premier protection in a compact device along with an efficient remote management platform to monitor connected devices. 

Seagull Electronics is your go-to WattBox dealer. We are passionate about helping people create exceptional home theater experiences with high-end electronics and technology services. WattBox is the premier power conditioner designed to fix problems and reduce service.

What Are the Unique Benefits of the WattBox IP Power Conditioner?

The WattBox IP Power Conditioner has three IP-enabled outlets in a small system. Its compact and versatile design makes installation quick and straightforward. Plus, WattBox offers a customized power solution to fit various accessories.  

The WattBox IP Power Conditioner offers a long list of benefits, such as: 

These benefits, along with its self-healing scheduling and auto reboot, make WattBox the leading IP Power Conditioner. In addition, the OvrC system management platform provides easy remote access to monitor and troubleshoot devices. 


OvrC Ecosystem

OvrC is the free remote management and monitoring system for WattBox. It provides easy desktop or mobile app access to set up, control, and troubleshoot your devices. In addition, OvrC makes it easy to minimize truck rolls while creating a personalized experience. 

Monitoring your system from your phone or computer makes it easy to troubleshoot devices when necessary and simplifies the integration process. OvrC takes your typical power conditioner and turns it into a state-of-the-art device.  

The OvrC ecosystem consists of several valuable benefits: 

The Importance of Using WattBox and OvrC in Your Home Theater

Protecting and managing the devices in your media room is critical to maintaining system functionality. The WattBox IP Power Conditioner is ideal for safeguarding professional ceiling microphones or other professional audio conferencing systems.  

Your audio system is an integral part of enhancing your home theater. Choosing the right equipment to provide an immersive experience can turn your media room into an unmatched entertainment venue. From professional audio mixers to a professional ceiling microphone, you have several audio options from which to choose.  

Once you know what your home theater audio system will look like, your next step should be to look at the numerous advantages of WattBox. The WattBox IP Power Conditioner provides the essential power defense your devices rely on. 

WattBox Dealer in Jupiter, FL

Seagull Electronics provides technical and design services for Florida home theaters. We want to help you bring your ideas to life by offering top-of-the-line electronics guaranteed to boost your media room experience.  

WattBox is the premier power conditioner to protect your devices, even when you lose power. With OvrC remote management, you can easily control and troubleshoot the connected devices through a single platform.  

Let Seagull Electronics show you the best products to add to your home theater. From high-end power conditioners like WattBox to luxurious projector screens, we can help you create an unmatched audio and visual experience from the comfort of your own home. 

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