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You can spread high-fidelity sound throughout your entire home with a Bluesound system. The company’s award-winning products utilize a wireless system to give you the sound you want. You can learn more about these systems by reaching out to a Bluesound dealer in Palm Beach County.

Seagull Electronics services as an authorized Bluesound dealer. We can help you get familiar with the technology behind Bluesound systems when you reach us at (561) 624-0220.

How the Bluesound System Works

So, how do Bluesound devices transmit Hi-Fi sound over your Wi-Fi system? The system can connect to the wireless network you use at home, allowing for music streaming and communication with any players that are BluOS-enabled.

You can hook 64 players into your Bluesound ecosystem. The company allows you to use a BluOS Controller App to manage the music that plays through the system. You can download this app onto any smart device, including your cell phone.

Bluesound and MP3 Compatibility

Bluesound streaming devices offer complete compatibility with your MP3s, allowing you to play downloaded music easily. However, the systems also offer extensive compatibility with other forms of music, including MQA.

Bluesound understands that people enjoy storing their music in a variety of different mediums. You can use the system if you have a CD library or if you prefer downloading your tracks. Bluesound also gives you access to online streaming music and internet radio.

Products Offered by Bluesound

Interested in learning more about Bluesound products? You can get specific information about the items that interest you from a Bluesound dealer. The company offers:

You can enjoy video games, sporting events, music, and more with these home theater systems. Plus, the wireless products allow you to reduce the clutter throughout your home. Wires can easily jumble and tangle together, a problem you avoid with Bluesound products.

Bluesound Works With Specialist Dealers

Bluesound offers products through specially authorized dealers. You can reach out to a Hi-Fi dealer by contacting our team at Seagull Electronics. As a Bluesound dealer, you can count on us to help you select the right system and to handle the installation on your property.

Authorized dealers can also answer any questions you have about Bluesound products. You don’t have to develop an in-depth knowledge of every product in the Bluesound line when you work with a specialist who understands your options.

Before you visit an authorized dealer, you may want to select a few pieces of music to bring with you. You can test out a system by playing:

Trying out a system before you make a purchase can help you feel confident about your choices.

Get Help From a Bluesound Dealer

You can start getting the H-Fi in your home theater with Bluesound devices. Seagull Electronics serves as a Bluesound dealer serving the Palm Beach County area. We can help you go over your options and take care of the installation. Discuss all your options by calling us at (561) 624-0220

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