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HikVision is a Chinese company established in 2001 that specializes in digital surveillance solutions with CCTV and IP cameras that offer superior digital video. They are a world leader in video surveillance equipment with over 2,400 partners in 155 countries. 

Their products are found in facilities worldwide, including the Beijing Olympic Stadium, Brazil World Cup Stadium, the Italy Linate Airport, and safe communities all over the US. Their manufacturing facility standards are highly monitored to ensure every CCTV and IP camera is fully tested before going out to over 40,000 distributors, system integrators, and installers. 

If you’re looking for an authorized HikVision Dealer right here in Jupiter, FL, turn to our experienced team at Seagull Electronics. Whether you want to upgrade your home surveillance system or install a new system from scratch, we provide superior products and installation.  

HikVision IP Camera Surveillance Solutions

HikVision offers multiple surveillance solutions for home and office security. Since 2015, the brand has expanded its R&D department to develop the best security systems with the highest digital video resolution and clarity on the market. Their IP and CCTV cameras are without rival! 

The cost of IP cameras is higher than CCTV, but you can cover the same square footage with fewer cameras, allowing you to save more overall. However, you’ll get superior resolution with IP cameras, with crystal clear video in all types of lighting, and you can easily link cameras over your existing network. 

Our friendly experts here at Seagull Electronics are happy to help you decide which HikVision surveillance solution is right for your home or business, depending on your needs and budget.

Benefits of HikVision Surveillance Solutions

Why choose HikVision? You’ll enjoy a world of benefits:

More Options

HikVision surveillance solutions are built around your needs. They offer a wide range of security systems for every budget without sacrificing safety. All their digital video cameras offer superior image quality and affordability.

Wider Lenses

The HikVision IP camera lenses provide a wider coverage range than other lenses, allowing you to cover more square footage with fewer cameras.

Built-in Analytics

Each CCTV and IP camera comes with built-in analytics capabilities for better video processing straight from the camera. There's no need to purchase additional analytics software in the future.

Superior Resolution

HikVision IP cameras have a high megapixel rate, so the digital video you get will be of the highest resolution. With digital video, you can zoom in to your surveillance footage without sacrificing quality. You will still see a clear picture as you zoom in to get a closer look at your subject.

Easy to Use

HikVision surveillance solutions are highly adaptable and easy to set up. You don't have to be very tech-savvy to review your surveillance footage, as the software is designed with ease of use in mind.

Get Help From Jupiter’s Leading HikVision Dealer

HikVision CCTV and IP camera surveillance systems are versatile and can grow with your needs. If you are looking for a home security system that can connect to your existing network and provide you with high-resolution video, there’s no better brand—and when it comes to authorized HikVision dealers in Jupiter, FL, there’s no better team than our professionals at Seagull Electronics. 

You won’t find better service or solutions anywhere else in the Palm Beach County area.  Contact us today to learn more about our custom CCTV and IP camera home surveillance systems.

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