RTI specializes in control products for automating the process of audio, video, and environmental management systems such as HVAC and lighting. RTI offers solutions for commercial, residential, and transportation functions because their products are uniquely constructed to meet the needs of the electronics installation professional while providing a simplified interface for the end-user.

Creating quality products, RTI works to transform any home theater (or other audio/video system) into a truly pleasant experience. Achieving this requires innovation and essential attention to detail with every product design. A product that is usable and reliable is not good enough for them. They fight to make all their products practical, enjoyable, and effective. This is just one of the many reasons that set RTI apart from competitors.

While RTI focuses on quality products that’s not all that they do. They believe their software tools should be professionally designed – an integral part of the process, not an afterthought. RTI believes in their trained, knowledgeable personnel. They believe in going above and beyond for their customers. They believe in constantly improving everything they do.

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Seagull Electronics is the home automation expert that you can trust for your RTI system installation or repair. Click here for a list of our services.

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