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Your listening experience can vary based on the cables you use in your home theater system. The Clarus Collection allows you to improve the sound quality of your music, sporting events, or movies. A Clarus dealer in Palm Beach County can help you find the cables you want for your audio system.

You can reach out to Seagull Electronics to learn more about your options by calling (561) 624-0220.

Learn More About Clarus Cables

All the cables in the Clarus Collection came from the designs of Jay Victor. The company uses patented technologies to create its cables. These products also draw on high-end materials to give you a product that fulfills all your auditory dreams.

Clarus products often include gold-plated connectors and precision impedances. All cables receive personal attention in the hand-crafting process, allowing dedicated crews to work on individual speaker cable strands and multi-gauge features.

Materials in Clarus Cables

Clarus Sound uses incredibly pure copper for the construction of its cables. This oxygen-free copper comes with multiple benefits for audio cables as it has a low amount of electrical resistance and includes no impurities.

Using the best material helps to ensure that the cables can provide clear and transparent sound. Clarus Sound cable designs also include three kinds of conductors, including:

The company arranges the conductors to improve the performance of each cable. The sound may change based on how close the conductors are to one another and their size. You can find out more about these conductors with a Clarus dealer.

Clarus Crimson and Aqua Cables

Clarus offers two primary lines for cables: Crimson and Aqua. The Crimson cables have a slightly larger wire gauge. However, both lines use multiple gauges, and each has insulated conductors. The design of both lines can provide definition for frequencies in the bass, high, and midrange levels.

All Clarus cables use a specialized form of insulation to protect sound quality. The insulation includes polyethylene, which helps the cables better transmit and carry sound faithfully. You can use these cables throughout your home theater room to increase the system’s sound quality.

Clarus Cables and Authorized Dealers

How can you purchase Clarus cables for your sound system? The company does not directly sell its cables to the public. You can instead make a purchase by working with an authorized retailer. Clarus selects the companies that sell its products carefully.

Instead of focusing on big box stores and sweeping sales, Clarus Sound offers the products it carefully crafts as specialty items. You can review the possibilities by contacting Seagull Electronics. We have the authorization to sell Clarus products throughout Florida.

Get in Touch With a Clarus Dealer

You can immediately start improving the sound quality for your home entertainment system through Clarus cables. Our team at Seagull Electronics serves as an authorized Clarus dealer for customers in Palm Beach County. You can reach out to us at (561) 624-0220 to learn more about the Crimson and Aqua product lines. 

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