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Protecting equipment from power surges is essential to keep your electronics functioning correctly. Unprotected power surges can often cause irreversible damage to your electronic appliances. SurgeX is the primary surge protector manufacturer that offers a variety of products to fit your unique needs.  

As the leading home theater electronics company in Florida, Seagull Electronics is a proud SurgeX dealer. We understand the importance of protecting your electronic equipment and how frustrating a power surge can be. SurgeX offers a wide range of surge protection and power solutions to safeguard your equipment.


What Is SurgeX?

SurgeX has been providing technology protection since the 1990s. With over twenty years of experience, SurgeX creates reliable and innovative surge protection technological equipment for residential and commercial needs. The intelligent technologies of SurgeX protect mission-critical equipment from power disturbances and equipment degradation.  

The modern-day homeowner knows the value of a surge protector. From small household appliances to more eccentric residential technology, a power surge can affect efficiency and cause various system issues or damage. A single surge can destroy high-end audio and visual equipment, costing thousands to repair or replace.  

The technologies behind SurgeX create unparalleled surge protection and power conditions to protect a wide range of electronic equipment.

SurgeX Products

As your local SurgeX dealer, Seagull Electronics in Jupiter, Florida, offers various products and solutions for rack systems, standalone equipment, and branch circuit protection.

Rack Mount

120 volt
15 and 20 amp
Nine outlet solutions
Available remote turn on

Standalone Equipment

120 volt
8, 15, and 20 amp
2, 6, and 10 outlet solutions
Available remote IP control

Branch Circuits

120 volt
20 amp
1 and 4 amp circuits
Available remote IP control

Diagnostic Intelligence

120 volt
15 and 20 amp
Three outlet solutions
Available remote IP control capability


120 volt
9 and 14 outlet solutions

Space Saver

120 volt
15 and 20 amp
Two outlet
18 or 24 outlet bar extension
Available remote IP control

System Management

120 volt
15 and 20 amp
Eight outlet solutions

Benefits of Using SurgeX

Protecting your equipment from power surges is critical. Power surges can result in various kinds of damage to your equipment, including: 

Damage to the motherboard or hard drive

Plugging computers and laptop chargers into a surge protector is a simple way to keep the devices functional and prevent power surge damage.

Delayed performance

Power surges can cause your speakers, visual systems, and other appliances to malfunction. Expensive equipment can easily cripple under an unprotected power surge.

Battery insufficiency

A power surge can cause your battery to become incapable of receiving charge.

Using SurgeX technology to protect your equipment will eliminate the threat of power surges and other potential damages such as ground contamination.  

As your SurgeX Dealer, Seagull Electronics can show you all of the benefits that come with SurgeX units. Repairing or replacing your home appliances can be an expensive and frustrating experience. Using a high-end surge protector from SurgeX can save you money and hassles in the long run. 

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