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Home Theaters

Home theaters can be exciting and atmospheric, taking the movie-going experience into your very own house is amazing but only with the right lighting and system.

Salamader Designs Home Furntiure

Home Theater Furniture

Your home theater needs more than just quality lighting, video, and audio systems. It also requires comfortable seating to provide your family and guests with the ultimate viewing experience.

Video Distribution

For a clean look that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, distributed video is a great solution. Eliminating forever the clutter…


Distributed Audio

How do you fill a room with sound? Distributed audio is the answer. When you want to add audio into the walls or ceiling of a room, you’re talking about adding distributed or whole house audio.

Receivers & Amplifiers

Receivers and amplifiers are extremely important to the function of your personalized home theater system.

Media Servers

Imagine your favorite music playing in one room while others watch a movie in another – all controlled from…

TV Projectors & Mounts

Watching your favorite show on an ultra-high-definition TV or projector is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend some quality time with your friends, loved ones, and guests.
Utopio White Speakers

Speaker Lines

There is nothing quite like testing out speakers before you purchase them. When we come to your home, we figure out what would work well for your space, offering you our expert opinion!

Lighting Solutions


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home, as well as illuminating your space, it can completely transform the look of your room for better or for worse.

Universal Remote Controls

Universal Remote Control

Universal remote controls are the way to stay organized and in control of your home. The clutter of multiple remotes — five or six crowding…

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