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Seagull Electronics is the premier home theater equipment dealer in Jupiter, Florida. We want to help fellow home theater owners upgrade their visual and audio experience through the latest and greatest products.  

Tributaries offers high-end cables that enhance the sound of your favorite movies and music. Seagull Electronics can help you browse the various audio capabilities of Tributaries products to boost your home theater experience.  Need a tributaries cables? Look no further than Seagull Electronics.

Every piece of equipment in your media room contributes to the overall experience, including the sound cables. Finding high-quality cables is just as crucial as finding other top-of-the-line products. Tributaries offers high-end interconnect cables that are sure to produce an unmatched sound experience. 

About Tributaries

Based in Orlando, Florida, Tributaries is a family-owned company specializing in creating an enhanced sound experience. The company began in 1991 with the goal of designing exceptional sound cables.  

The founder, Joe Perfito, believes in the importance of producing science-backed audio cables. This originally radical principle has since been the backbone of Tributaries. Now, they are the leading producer of interconnecting audio cables.  

As an interconnect cable company, Tributaries manufactures various high-end products, including: 

Tributaries Cables

As leading interconnect cable producers, Tributaries offers a wide range of cables to fit every listening experience, such as: 

Series 8AB Audio Cables

- These top-of-the-line cables come assembled from Orlando, Florida. They offer high-grade linear crystal copper to produce a high-quality sound for various audio applications. They come in half a meter and up to four meters long.


The Tributaries professional grad UHD HDMI cable provides unparalleled performance with two different constructions. The UHDP cables come in lengths of half a meter to five meters. In addition, the woven covering offers an elegant design that subtly contributes to the overall look of your media room.

Model 8P-IEC Cable

The UHDP PRO HDMI cables offer 4K 18 GBPS digital transmission to deliver the ultimate sound experience. In addition, they use expertly sized conductors and gauges to support low-frequency signals of 50/60 Hz. The Model 8 cables come in lengths of three feet, six feet, and nine feet. Their large 12 AWG LC-OFC wires successfully manage the capability of power amps. The advanced winding techniques and triple shielding designer encourages a low noise transfer.

Single-Ended RCA Audio Cables

The single-ended cables are ideal for unbalanced audio systems. Tributaries produce four different single-ended RCA audio cable models:
Model 8A: Reference Grade Audiophile Cable
Model 6A: Professional Level Audio cable
Model 4A: High-Performance Audio Cable
Model 2A: Best Basic "go-to" Cable

Your Authorized Tributaries Dealer

Tributaries produces high-end audio cables that are sure to enhance your home theater sound experience. As your Jupiter Tributaries dealer, Seagull Electronics can help you browse the various benefits of Tributaries cables.  If you are looking for a tributaries cable? Seagull Electronics is the best option for you.

We want every aspect of your home theater to create an unmatched entertainment experience. From projector screens to speakers and audio cables, we offer a wide array of equipment to upgrade your media room. 

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