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Internet connectivity is at a premium in the modern world. Each year, technology rapidly improves, causing homes and businesses to become more reliant on the internet. 

 However, to have reliable internet, you must have a strong network connection.  

One of the industry leaders in the tech world is Ruckus. Ruckus offers a variety of products and solutions that strengthen your network connection. This feature allows you to have reliable, daily internet access.  

Seagull Electronics is the premier Ruckus network solutions dealer in South Florida. With a staff of experienced professionals, we can help automate your home, allowing for optimal efficiency and productivity. 

The Benefits of Ruckus Solutions

Ruckus offers many solutions that support a reliable internet connection. 

Ruckus Access Points

One of the best products that Ruckus sells is wired and wireless access points. Access points help you connect to your network from all areas of your home. 

Typically, every home has dead spots where it can be hard to establish a wi-fi connection. With Ruckus access points, you will have an equally strong internet connection throughout your South Florida home. 

Ruckus ICX Switches

Another product that the Ruckus SmartZone family offers is ICX switches. 

 The purpose of an ICX switch is to add flexibility to your home’s network connection. High-quality videoconferencing from home has never been easier with Ruckus’ family switches. ICX switches are ideal for building a cost-effective data structure for your business. 

Other popular Ruckus products include a state-of-the-art system manager and attachment cables.

Why Seagull?

Palm Beach County residents choose us as their Ruckus network solutions dealer for several reasons. By installing Ruckus access points around your home, you can take advantage of our many services. 

Home Theater Design

One of our top services is designing home theaters. With a secure Ruckus cloud wi-fi connection, you can have a home theater that will rival any cinema in the world. We can customize your theater’s furniture, projector, sound system, and more with a Seagull installation. 

Lighting & HVAC Control

Ruckus products also allow you to control your lighting and HVAC systems with the touch of a button. This feature creates more variety in your home, allowing you to toggle between dim, romantic lighting and bright, video conferencing lighting. 

Speaker Lines

Another thing our talented team can help with is finding the perfect speakers for your home. We do house calls, where we scope out your home and recommend which speakers would be most effective. Our staff is composed of speaker experts who will ensure you have premium sound in every room.

Home Automation Installation Services

We offer Ruckus wireless and wired products at our Ruckus network solutions dealer. By implementing Ruckus access points in your home or business, you will never worry about having a poor internet connection again. 

 If you would like to incorporate Ruckus technology in your Jupiter, Florida home or business, call Seagull Electronics at (561) 624-0220. 

 As a proud Ruckus network solutions dealer, we can answer any questions about the technology and provide quick, hassle-free automation installations. 

We Make House Calls

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