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Genelec Adds G Two Models to Its Active Speaker Lineup

Genelec Adds G Two Models to Its Active Speaker Lineup

Genelec is popular for its active, or powered, speakers that can distribute a good home theater kick.

This Massachusetts-based company’s new G Two Active speaker models might not be great in size, but they can surely pack a punch from their condensed dimensions.

This Genelec speaker is available in black or white, and features a four-inch woofer and 3/4-inch tweeter.  This places it relatively in the middle of Genelec’s G Series lineup that includes the marginally smaller woofers in its G One and slightly bigger woofers in its G Three.  Genelec’s G Four models also contain 3/4-inch tweeters.

For bigger thump you can add Genelec’s F Series active subwoofers that can accompany the G Series products.

The G Two models deviate from your typical bookshelf speaker design in their curvy cabinet structure that was a product of Genelec’s engineers teaming with award-winning designer Harri Koskinen.

Genelec says the design not only provides striking looks, but also helps the speaker’s acoustical features by reducing the acoustic reflections sometimes caused by sharp edges on a speaker. The company says that, combined with its Directivity Control Waveguide, this allows the G Two to deliver a smooth frequency response both on and off axis. Genelec’s 8.1-pound speaker frequency response is rated between 65 to 21000 Hz.

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