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With Big Screens And Home Electronics, Jupiter Home Theater Enthusiasts Come Out Ahead

With Big Screens And Home Electronics, Jupiter Home Theater Enthusiasts Come Out Ahead

If you have a family, and you’re considering whether it might be a financial hardship to install a home theater, Jupiter movie buffs, you’d better be sitting down. You might be saving money with your home theater setup.

If this sounds like a tough argument to make, you might not have paid attention last time you hit the cineplex; between the price of gas getting there, parking paid once you do, the price of tickets — which only escalates as the type of screen changes and the hour becomes later — and price of popcorn, drinks and snacks, you’re getting up around $100 very quickly. Now consider you’re already out, so the family is going to want to eat out — add another $100.

You can see where this is going. After a few months, even several thousand dollars invested in a home theater system begins to seem like small potatoes compared to hitting the theaters and the appurtenant events. Now think beyond movies: think about those basketball, football and hockey games you can enjoy in your own home (and, thanks to Tivo and related technologies, at your own pace) compared to the price of tickets to see them in person.

Now consider the possibilities of family movie nights that begin with a home-cooked meal and quiet conversation around the dinner table, then culminate in all the excitement you expect with a big, powerful home theater system — all the booms and crashes, with none of the associated stress of getting there and getting back. Home theater starts to look like a pretty good deal.

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