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What Will Your Next Home Theater Projector Be?

What Will Your Next Home Theater Projector Be?

Home theater shoppers are going to have a hard time choosing the perfect projector for their new project. Why? Because there are so many projectors that are so good that it’s going to be hard to decide what technology and features you’re going to want in your home theater.

Over the past few years, the trend has been toward making home theater projectors brighter without forfeiting black level. That continues this year as well. Each model is brighter and exhibits better contrast ratios than the model it replaces. There is also more prominence on flexible installation features and enhanced image processing.

4K, or Ultra HD, has also showed its head, though not in great numbers. Sony has introduced two new true 4K projectors and JVC presented a full line of e-Shift3 projectors that accept 4K signals and show 4K resolution on your home theater screen.

Even though 4K is a buzz word among HDTVs right now, that doesn’t mean it’s the most substantial feature when picking out a home theater projector. Contrast ratio, light output, and color fidelity are equally important. The new 1080p projectors have shown important advancements in all those categories, making them worthy of the most remarkable home theater cinema.

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