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Picking A Subwoofer For Your Home Theater In Jupiter

Picking A Subwoofer For Your Home Theater In Jupiter

Ask any home theater Jupiter enthusiast about their equipment, and they’ll probably drop a few specs about their screen, talk about the quality of their receivers, maybe show off some of their secondary components like the remote that dims the lights or the digital archive of their movies.

But when it’s time to impress the company, the star player is always the thunderous, earth-shaking bass sound — and whether the jet’s going past your head or the monster is crushing a building, the component that brings it home is the subwoofer. Picking the right one for your needs and balancing it with the system you have can be a little tricky, but keeping in mind just a couple of things can get you on track.

First of all, there’s the matter of frequency. The sub is going to take over where your other speakers leave off, delving into the deepest lows where no regular speaker dares to follow. To avoid gaps in coverage, so to speak, your subwoofer needs to have a maximum high frequency that’s in line with the minimum low your existing speakers can reach.

Next, know your habits. If you listen to things loud all the time, you can generally get away with smaller subwoofers; but if you like to listen at lower levels, smaller diameter subs tend not to produce audible sounds (for most of us) at lower volumes. If you expect to listen to a lot of music in addition to watching movies, look for speakers that handle the relatively higher frequencies (e.g. 30Hz to 80Hz) that are common in music, rather than the much lower rumbles associated with films.

Finally, consult with a professional to determine whether you’re overpowering (or underpowering) your specific space. To arrange a consultation with our home theater experts, contact us today!


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