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How does Savant power storage integrate with home automation systems?

Savant, a luxury smart home automation company, offers solutions that integrate various aspects of home control, including power storage. Savant’s power storage integration works hand-in-hand with home automation by allowing homeowners to manage and optimize their energy consumption through the Savant Pro App. Learn More Here


This integration empowers users to monitor and control their energy storage system, such as a battery backup, in conjunction with other smart home features like lighting, climate control, and security systems.


For instance, during peak energy demand hours when utility costs are higher, the system can automatically switch to stored power to reduce reliance on the grid, thus saving on energy bills. 



It can charge the storage system during off-peak hours when energy is cheaper. Additionally, in the event of a power outage, Savant’s system can intelligently manage the stored energy to prioritize essential loads, ensuring that critical systems remain operational.


The integration typically involves communication between the Savant system and the energy storage hardware using standard home automation protocols or direct API connections. 


This seamless connectivity ensures that homeowners have a unified platform through which they can manage their home’s energy usage alongside other automated systems, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.


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