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When you want to make your home easier to maintain, consider getting help from Seagull Electronics. Would you like to get to know why home automation solutions like motorized shade & blind control systems are able to make your life easier? Get to know more and how to get a hold of this company here.

What’s In It For You?

Home automation is something that is made so that you can easily accomplish tasks at home. If you have, for instance, blinds that are tough to reach and don’t feel like messing with them all the time, you can automate them so this isn’t an issue. Here are some additional benefits to look forward to.

*Remote controlled for ease of use.
*Simple interface that is simple to figure out.
*Installations done by Seagull Electronics are guaranteed.
*Very easy to maintain.

It may seem like a lot of work to get your whole home automated, but by starting with your blinds it can show you why this is useful. You won’t have to worry about not knowing what to do because the installation professional will walk you through how to use and also maintain your system.

What Can Seagull Electronics Do?

While you may not be that familiar with home automation options at this point, you can get the knowledge you need by getting into touch with Seagull Electronics. They have a lot of great options available for anyone that needs to make life that much more simple to deal with.

Why hire this home automation company to help you?

*No tough installation guides to tangle with.
*The ability to learn how the system works with a professional.
*You’ll know the job was done properly and the system will work well.
*All of your questions will be answered.
*You can automate everything in your home that is an electronic for the most part!

Begin thinking through what you’d like in your home, but if you aren’t familiar with the options you can easily contact the company to get an idea of what they can do. Would you like to listen to music throughout your home and then open your blinds to let the sun in with the push of a button or two? Then they can help!

Now you don’t have to worry about this being too pricey for you. When home automation was first out, it was more common in high end homes for people with a lot of income. Since technology is being made for cheap and more easily now than ever, anyone can afford to get some of their home automated. The way to find out what you can afford is to get an inspection and a quote done by the company.

Seagull Electronics can be reached at (561) 624-0220 if you want to speak with them about home automation options such as motorized shade & blind control systems. You will be sure to get the work done for a great price, along with getting fantastic customer service.

Take Advantage Of Home Automation

home-automationThere was a time not too long ago when scientists proclaimed that in the distant future mankind would be completely automated. Housewives would be able to relax and take it easy because everything in their home would be programmed and automated. The world would be a happier place because people could now spend a lot more of their valuable time on recreational pursuits and hobbies. Did those futuristic predictions come true?

Yes, to a certain degree they did come true. Today, we see a tremendous advancement in both commercial and residential automation.

When you consider home automation, it includes things such as:


The whole purpose of home automation is to provide the homeowner with security, energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

An automated home will also be beneficial for anyone who is disabled or elderly. It may help to delay the inevitable trip to an institutional care facility. Due to the Internet and similar technologies we see that there has been a great improvement in regards to home automation. You can now control the majority of systems in your home from anywhere in the world.

In a similar way that the body uses electrical pulses to interact in a variety of ways throughout the body a home automated system uses electrical devices and transmissions to interact with each other.

A home automation system can control a vast variety of domestic activities such as:

  • indoor and outdoor plant watering
  • the feeding of pets
  • entertainment systems
  • ambient changes of the environment


An automated home can be controlled by a personal computer in the home or by a smart phone or tablet outside of the home. All of these controls are adjusted to the homeowner’s personal taste and choices. Of course, outside sources can control part of the automated systems in the home. This would be the case for a security company who provides 24-hour monitoring of the home.

There are now many home automation companies that provide complete home automation services. These companies will send a representative to your home to do a no obligation evaluation. He will ask the homeowner a series of questions to determine what type of automated home is required. He will then provide the homeowner with a variety of options and prices that can suit any budget.

Obviously, the price of the home automation will depend on how complicated the homeowner wants to incorporate the system. A home automated system can vary from a complex computer and micro-controller based network to a simple remote control of the homes lighting schedules.

Most homes however are automated for reasons of:

  • security
  • ease
  • energy efficiency


When a homeowner is building a new home or doing a major renovation, he has the ability to include a variety of options such as doorbells, TV outlets, telephones, and Internet connections. During this early construction phase he will also be able to easily automate other areas of his home.

Home automation design is becoming more and more popular every day. Therefore, if you are in the process of building a new home make sure that you talk with your building contractor about home automation.


Call Seagull Electronics for more information on all of our home automation solutions (561) 624-0220. The trusted home automation company serving all of Palm Beach, Broward and Dade County.

Home Automation Ideas

home-automation-miamiThere are normally so many options available when it comes to choosing a place to start developing home automation system in Miami. In most cases, it becomes challenging to come up with the best option. The following are some of the ideas to make things easier and less intimidating.
1. Products- The home automation  process should be done depending on the budget. In most cases, people start with products that are easy to install and relatively cheap once they are comfortable with the technology they can keep improving gradually. It is important to buy only products that can be used.

2. Compatibility– Not all the products in the market are compatible. It is necessary to ensure that the products bought are compatible. Automation is an evolving field therefore before purchasing them, there is a need for critical analysis of the products compatibility in the present and future. It is important to choose a product that can allow expansion instead of replacement.

3. Start simple-There are some basic products that must be bought for the process of automation to continue for instance lighting. The products can be assembled to form a system, or the other option is to buy a starter kit. The starter kits include light switches and remote control. It is important to start out with lighting products like switches and dimmers. Thereafter other improvements can be made.

4. Cost- it is important to develop an automation home system for your home that is affordable. This is will ensure that the cost of maintenance is affordable in case of breakdown.

5. Integrator– This is an individual that develop the system. When looking for integrators it is important to assess past completed jobs. This will ensure that an experienced personnel builds a quality home automation system.

In conclusion, coming up with a home automation system in Miami is not as complicated as most people think. These ideas can be helpful to get started.


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Seagull Home Automation Systems

home-automation-fort-lauderdaleA technology controlled home has been what most of us have been desiring since we watched the cartoon the Jetson’s as children. In this cartoon, that took place in a future where everything from cars, to robotic maids, to dishes, to even getting dressed and shower were all automated. We haven’t gotten that far yet but there have been many advances in home automation. In Fort Lauderdale, we have many companies who specialize in home automation installation and these companies can come in and install many devices that will make your life much easier.

What Type of home automation Is available for your home 

The most common type of automation that is available are utilitarian in nature. Things like smartphone connected alarm systems that allow you to program lights, when an alarm system is armed, when to close your blinds and ones that can even control a video monitoring service. Other things that it can do is control your climate, turn off lamps, stove and even your coffee maker. In progress are even forms of automation that can turn on your shower or run your bathtub so that it is ready for you when you come home. Your first stop is calling your local Fort Lauderdale home automation company to see what all that they can do.

What home automation systems that are available:


As you can see, there are many things that are available to you in the industry of home automation in Fort Lauderdale We have discussed how these things aren’t just novel, although they are fun, they are also very useful and utilitarian and will make your life a lot better. With today’s technology you can control your alarm system, your lighting, your heating and air, you can run your houses utilities from a phone or tablet, you can use a video monitoring system to see what is going on inside or outside your home on a mobile device and the future is even brighter. One example we used is running your bath water via your phone so that it is ready for you once you get home. These are the creature comforts that home automation technology has in store for us and there will be more advances as time goes on.

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The Ease of Home Automation Systems

security-home-automation-systemComfort offered through home automation with Seagull Electronics.

People work hard in order to ensure that they are able to live comfortably. The epitome of comfort is to have things work out with minimum effort. For instance, it is possible to switch on a TV with a remote control or voice control. This is much more comfortable than it used to be in the past where you had to get up and switch on the TV or flip through channels. The same way, other tasks within your house can be made to happen with minimum effort by using a system for home automation in Fort Lauderdale. With such a system, you can automate lights, heating of the shower and opening and closing of windows among other tasks.

Ways of getting convenience through a home automation company.

If windows are not closed at dusk, mosquitoes, other insects and cold can get into your house. This would make the house quite uncomfortable. You might fail to close the windows because you are away from home or just because of forgetting. However, a Fort Lauderdale home automation system does not forget. Moreover, when you miss your child while at work, you can easily log on to your home system application and see how the child is doing.


Home Automation installation includes:




Top Quality Home Automation Installation Companies

home-automation-installation-companyQualities of a good system for home automation Boca Raton

The most common means of acquiring a automation system for your Boca Raton home, is purchasing it from a reputable home automation installation company like Seagull Electronics. Prior to making such a purchase, it is important to ensure that the system meets certain criteria. The first criterion that this system should meet is functionality. This means that it should be able to do what it is meant to do. You can verify functionality by visiting a home that uses such a system or by having the vendor demonstrator this functionality at his office. When checking functionality, ensure that the system is reliable. It should do what it is supposed to at all the times it is supposed to perform a certain task.

Expandability of a home automation system 

When you decide to purchase a system for purposes of home automation in Boca Raton, you might not include all tasks that you would like to automate. However, in the future you might want to include such a task in the automation system. Therefore, it is important to leave room for expandability of the system at any point after purchasing it. This would prevent the need for purchasing a whole new system.

Homeowners Can Use: Smart Irrigation Using Home Automation

Seagull0404When it comes to automated home electronics, residents who are on the fence and not yet committed to the technology tend to look for that “one thing” that tips the scales for them, where the notion of a smart home goes from an idle curiosity to something that provides a real, tangible and attractive benefit to something specific in their life.

For some people it’s energy savings; for others it’s as simple as being able to enjoy their music and video anywhere in the home. Still others are enamored with the security aspects of home automation. But if none of that floats your boat, there’s an emerging sector of the smart home market that might: smart irrigation.

There’s nowhere in the country where water is becoming more abundant and less expensive; to the contrary, most homeowners are struggling to balance higher water costs and more restrictive use regulations with their desire for a garden, or a section of lawn, or even the basics of landscaping. And while there’s nothing new about using timers to switch watering systems on and off — or even distinguishing between zones that receive different amounts of water at different times — the smart home twist is using sensors and the internet to inform your watering.

Imagine a suite of moisture sensors that can tell when the soil near your flowers is at optimum saturation, switching off the drip irrigation at precisely the right moment. Or imagine a weather station that collected data about projected and measured temperatures and humidity, and offered recommendations about watering for particular plants. Smart homes won’t just save energy inside — they’re poised to save water outside as well!

To speak with the experts in home electronics residents recommend most Seagull Electronics home automation company. Let us help you enjoy all the benefits of home automation in Miami!

Seagull0402There’s a feeling among some people people that the “smart home” home automation trend is some sort of revolution; but while the designs in home automation in Miami. Smart home enthusiasts are enjoying are often innovative, there’s really nothing revolutionary about using technology to get more out of your life — to save time and money.

In fact, most home automation products are clever but short steps beyond products that were already on the market — already saving people time and money, but taking it a bit further. One of the great examples of this today is the Nest thermostat. Sure, the ability to control a thermostat over the internet is a relatively new idea, and a thermostat that “learns” about how long it takes a home to heat up (or cool off) is a great way to make your home more energy efficient.

But the first programmable thermostats erupted onto the market decades before anyone was talking about “smart homes” — and they saved homeowners a ton of money in energy costs. Even so-called “learning” thermostats — that adjusted their timing to get the home already at temperature at the programmed time, rather than just turning on then — are hardly new.

Smart homes simply take what are mostly existing technologies and intertwine them in creative ways. There’s nothing groundbreaking about a motorized sun shade, nor an electric timer, nor light sensors; but combine them with an electronic “brain” that figures out when to drop the blinds to save the most on cooling costs, and you’ve started putting the “smart” pieces together.

For more information or to meet the experts in home automation smart homeowners recommend more to their friends and family than any other, contact us today for a consultation!

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What Can Your Lights Do?

LightControlForget about boring on and off, a light control system can make your lights part of your lifestyle

Light control is not exactly a new technology (Lutron’s founder Joel Spira invented the solid state dimmer in 1959).  It has become one of the most important features in a home automation system. If is properly designed and programmed, a light control system can be so much more than just the glow that allows you to read at night.

Here are a few of the options made possible by light control systems:

Notifications: Your lights can be programmed to convey things to you based on events (and other devices) they’re connected to. For example, if you spend a lot of time listening to loud music or movies and know you can’t hear the doorbell. You can have a light in your home theater room programmed to flash when someone rings the doorbell. If your programmer wants to be even craftier, they can make sure it flashes only when the home theater system is playing so the lights don’t flash needlessly.

Extra Sensory Perception: Lots of exciting things can be done using lights in combination with motion or contact sensors. For instance, your light control system can be programmed to turn your pathway lights up or down based on motion sensors outside. These lights can be used as a security measure—turning on bright flood lights when an unforeseen guest approaches, as well as a welcome light when a car pulls into your driveway at night. The sensor will relay a message to the light control system that tells it to turn on your entryway lights and any other lights you like as you walk in your home.


If your home theater room is in your basement you can program your light control system to have the stairway light connected to a contact sensor that will automatically turn it on when the door is opened. You can also add customization by having the stair light timed to go out after a reasonable time, such as one minute, while the main home theater lights stay on until you start a movie. Then those lights can automatically descend to movie level.

Warnings: Aside from criminal activity, you can use your light control system to provide warnings or notifications of other events. For example if you have little kids who like to get up in the middle of the night. You can use a motion sensor to turn on a hall light so your child can see, as well as turn on a small light in your bedroom to alert you that your child is up.

There is also a Wi-Fi based color-changing LED bulb lighting control system that is supposed to be able to sync with social media sites or text messages from your cell phone. Imagine if your desk lamp turned a certain color whenever you received a text message or another color when someone tagged you in an Instagram picture.

Ambiance and Décor: While your light control devices should look nice, the color and quality of the light they give off can be just as much a part of your home’s interior design as the artwork and furniture.  The best part is that you can easily change the look.

Something as simple as the color of your walls can completely change based on the light ambiance in the room. If you want to alter the feel of the room, change the lights. You can do this yourself with various dimmer or control apps, or you can have your programmer design lighting control scenes that will run with the press of a button. Such flexibility is just as important and impressive for outdoor lights as well as indoor. Some of the most common light scenes are party, morning, dinner and goodnight. Many light control systems also allow you to use a sequence of lighting and music as part of your wake up routine. Who wants to start the day with the bedroom lights on full blast when you can have them slowly wake up along with you?

With new color changing light options, how your lights flatter your lifestyle can take on a new dimension. Adding color options to light control scenes can be done in several ways. Let’s say you want the living room lights to dim low, but not turn completely off, when watching TV. Having your programmer design a TV light scene that turns the lights to a dim blue or green can please your need for a dark room while still having it lit up enough so you can find the remote. It also looks great.

The creative ideas are countless if you stop thinking of lights as simply something to turn on and instead as part of a dynamic light control system that reacts to your needs.

Shade Control: A Critical Component to Home Automation

We’ve had a lot of experience over the years installing and maintaining home automation systems. And while lighting control has been a fundamental component to every home system practically since the concept was invented, we’ve noticed more and more customers taking advantage of the possibilities that present themselves when your home automation system incorporates shade control into the whole-house package.

546_NewYork_1.jpgWhat an automated lighting control system is during the night time, a comprehensive shade control system can be during daylight hours. For most people, the control they have over lighting in their home takes place mostly at night, when lights can be adjusted for particular moods or settings. And home automation systems, pardon the pun, truly shine in this regard; lighting control systems can raise and dim lights throughout the house in response to direct control from a homeowner, or as part of a scheduled program that can be adjusted to fit your routine.

But during the day, the same sorts of convenience and benefit can be derived simply by bringing whole-house control to the blinds and drapes, and adjusting how much sunlight is cast across different rooms at different times of day. Shade control can effectively control mood and ambiance in a home, using the available light to its fullest potential — and blocking it off when it’s too much for the particular application, such as when you want to watch television or a movie during the day.

Perhaps most interestingly, shade control can be utilized to take advantage of passive solar gain, and incorporated into a home automation system as part of the environmental controls. When the timing is right, the heating system can be augmented by letting natural light spill into an area, improving the efficiency of the system dramatically by using a free, renewable natural resource: the sun!