The right electronics can electrify your life.
Picture-8Imagine being able to access any song in your music collection and adjust the volume from any room in your home.Or imagine a home theater with such sound and picture quality that you feel as though you are on the playing field with your favorite athletes. Imagine being able to check on your home from your laptop computer while you travel the world.Or being able to watch your kids in the pool from a monitor in your kitchen. Seagull Electronics sells the right electronics. We don’t sell the stuff you’ll find in boxes at your local shopping mall. We design custom systems using some of the world’s best electronic components.

We Make House Calls

thumb_d7Whether you want to automate your lighting or your climate controls, install an audio system that plays your favorite music throughout your home or build a first-class home entertainment system, our first step is to meet with you at your home. Where you locate your system and how you install it is as important as the system itself. We’ll design a system that makes the best use of your home environment. We may also make recommendations for changes that can enhance your enjoyment of your electronic systems.The other reason we visit your home is that we want to get to know you. The better we know you, the better we can serve you.