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Cut the Cord: Wireless Surround Sound

Cut the Cord: Wireless Surround Sound

One thing that’s never going to change about home electronics and home audio enthusiasts: we love to expand our systems. And thanks to the ever-growing world of home theater channels DVD and Blu-Ray makers are willing to send to us (can you even remember seeing a movie that was just in stereo?), the opportunity to add more speakers in more places seems to come about every six months or faster.

And while this suits your typical home theater enthusiast just fine, drilling new holes and pulling new wire doesn’t always sit well with the rest of the family — to say nothing of the pocketbook, especially if your primary line of work doesn’t happen to fall in the sheetrock field.

Fortunately, some years ago manufacturers of high-end “prosumer” audio equipment anticipated this problem, and set to work designing wireless surround sound components and systems that deliver high-quality sound across time and space to speakers no matter how far afield you need to place them. More importantly, perhaps, wireless surround sound technologies have evolved to where the signals they send and receive are remarkably robust and free from the sorts of interference that plagued early models. This is especially important considering how many things in a typical home are transmitting and receiving often important data almost constantly (hint: there’s one in your pocket).

Choosing appropriate wireless components today is more a matter of taste and power, thankfully, than reliability; most models we sell and install are of high enough quality that the microwave in the next room isn’t going to cut out the sound, and neither is the smart-phone trying to update its apps through your wi-fi. If you’d like help planning or implementing your installation, please contact us today to learn more about wireless and other great home theater products!

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