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Things to Know About The Jupiter Inlet Light


The Jupiter Inlet Light is located in Jupiter, Florida, on the north side of the Jupiter Inlet. The site for the lighthouse was chosen in 1853. It is located between Cape Canaveral Light and Hillsboro Inlet Light. The lighthouse was designed by then Lieutenant George G. Meade of the Bureau of Topographical Engineers. Meade’s design was subsequently modified by Lieutenant William Raynolds. The Jupiter Inlet silted shut in 1854, forcing all building supplies to be shipped in light boats down the Indian River. Work was interrupted from 1856 to 1858 by the Third Seminole War. The lighthouse was completed under the supervision of Captain Edward A. Yorke in 1860 at a cost of more than $60,000. The lighthouse was built on a hill once thought to be an Indian shell mound or midden, but which is now determined to be a natural parabolic sand dune. The top of the 105-foot tower is 153 feet above sea level. The light can be seen 24 nautical miles at sea. The lighthouse structure is brick with double masonry walls. The outer wall is conical, tapering from 31.5 inches at ground level to 18 inches at base of lantern. The inner wall is cylindrical and two bricks thick throughout. Wikipedia


Are you located near the The Jupiter Inlet Light and looking for a Professional ‌Home automation company in Jupiter, FL? Go to the Seagull Electronics.  it’s only 7 min (2.8 miles) via FL-811 S/FL A1AAlt S. You can just use this driving direction below:


What home automation systems are available today and what products do they work with?

Smart home devices and systems are currently available on the market. There is a unique set of features and specifications for each of these products. With so many options, you may be confused about what to choose. Make sure the gadgets you add are compatible with one another or get yourself a smart hub that will bridge any gaps.


We have smart home devices from popular brands like Wink, SmartThings, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. The Wink Hub 2 supports Bluetooth Low Energy, Z-Wave, and Zigbee. Furthermore, it integrates with Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, Canary, Lutron, Canary, and iHome. Several protocols are also supported by Samsung SmartThings. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee are all supported by these products. You can integrate the Amazon Echo with Philips Hue, ecobee, Insteon, Honeywell, Nest, and Belkin WeMo devices. In comparison to Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings, Google Home offers fewer product integrations.


If you are searching for smart home automation in Jupiter, FL, Seagull Electronics is the best option for you. Visit this link for more information.

Is home automation worth it?

It is generally a good investment to invest in home automation since it helps to save both money and time. The following benefits will help you understand why you should invest in home automation devices and systems.


Security: Home automation provides security and safety, allowing you to live a stress-free life. Once you start using these home automation devices, you’ll realize that you can relax because an alert will be sent if anything strange happens in your house. You will be alerted when burglars or unwanted guests approach your home with these automation devices.

Financial Savings: The use of home automation systems can save you money on utilities and water bills. If you install a smart thermostat and sprinkler system, your electricity bills will not rise in the summer.


Comfort: It is a good investment to automate your home, since it prevents you from rushing around in the morning and getting stressed when you must turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat before you leave. If you forget to turn off the coffee pot, these devices will monitor the situation and turn it off automatically.


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