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Take Advantage Of Home Automation

timetable Sunday, May 31st, 2015 at 12:04 pm

home-automationThere was a time not too long ago when scientists proclaimed that in the distant future mankind would be completely automated. Housewives would be able to relax and take it easy because everything in their home would be programmed and automated. The world would be a happier place because people could now spend a lot more of their valuable time on recreational pursuits and hobbies. Did those futuristic predictions come true? Yes, to a certain degree they did come true. Today, we see a tremendous advancement in both commercial and residential automation.

When you consider home automation, it includes things such as:

The whole purpose of home automation is to provide the homeowner with security, energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

An automated home will also be beneficial for anyone who is disabled or elderly. It may help to delay the inevitable trip to an institutional care facility. Due to the Internet and similar technologies we see that there has been a great improvement in regards to home automation. You can now control the majority of systems in your home from anywhere in the world.

In a similar way that the body uses electrical pulses to interact in a variety of ways throughout the body a home automated system uses electrical devices and transmissions to interact with each other.

A home automation system can control a vast variety of domestic activities such as:

  • indoor and outdoor plant watering
  • the feeding of pets
  • entertainment systems
  • ambient changes of the environment

An automated home can be controlled by a personal computer in the home or by a smart phone or tablet outside of the home. All of these controls are adjusted to the homeowner’s personal taste and choices. Of course, outside sources can control part of the automated systems in the home. This would be the case for a security company who provides 24-hour monitoring of the home.

There are now many home automation companies that provide complete home automation services. These companies will send a representative to your home to do a no obligation evaluation. He will ask the homeowner a series of questions to determine what type of automated home is required. He will then provide the homeowner with a variety of options and prices that can suit any budget.

Obviously, the price of the home automation will depend on how complicated the homeowner wants to incorporate the system. A home automated system can vary from a complex computer and micro-controller based network to a simple remote control of the homes lighting schedules.

Most homes however are automated for reasons of:

  • security
  • ease
  • energy efficiency

When a homeowner is building a new home or doing a major renovation, he has the ability to include a variety of options such as doorbells, TV outlets, telephones, and Internet connections. During this early construction phase he will also be able to easily automate other areas of his home.

Home automation design is becoming more and more popular every day. Therefore, if you are in the process of building a new home make sure that you talk with your building contractor about home automation.

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