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Surveillance Camera Installation in Palm Beach. Security systems specifically tailored for you.

At Seagull Electronics, we provide residential and commercial property owners with custom installation of surveillance cameras. The benefits of our camera surveillance solutions include the following:

  • A personalized camera installation that fits your needs, budget, and property layout.
  • Optimal movement detection and monitoring in all conditions.
  • Effective prevention of trespassing, break-ins, and theft.
  • Safe security footage storage.
  • Collection of information, such as employee interactions and service quality.

We offer surveillance camera systems and installation services of the highest quality. Call us today at 561-279-3837 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.

We Offer Personalized Camera Surveillance Solutions

As a property owner, you have unique security requirements. At Seagull Electronics, we can implement the latest technologies to provide you with a custom camera installation service. The result is a surveillance solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing security, ensuring optimal controllability and monitoring.

Providing reliable surveillance and property protection requires a multi-dimensional approach. Our video surveillance services include the installation of indoor cameras and outdoor security cameras, specialized data storage, and reliable connectivity for remote monitoring. Cross-integration with smart home devices and components, such as lights and door locks, also forms part of this service.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home or Business Surveillance System

When buying a home security camera, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  • Camera Type: There are different types of home security cameras available, including wired, wireless, indoor, and outdoor. Choose a camera that suits your needs and environment.
  • Resolution: A higher resolution camera will provide better image quality, allowing you to capture clear footage of any incidents.
  • Field of View: Consider the camera’s field of view to ensure it covers the intended area.
  • Night Vision: If you want to monitor your property at night, choose a camera with infrared or night vision range and capabilities.
  • Storage: Determine how and where the camera’s footage will be stored, whether through the cloud or local storage.
  • Remote Access: Check whether the camera allows remote access, such as through a mobile app, to view live or recorded footage.
  • Motion Detection: Look for a camera with motion detection capabilities that can alert you when there is movement in the camera’s view.
  • Audio: Some cameras have built-in microphones and speakers, allowing you to communicate with anyone in the camera’s view.
  • Integration: Consider whether the camera can integrate with other smart home devices or security systems.
  • Cost: Finally, consider the cost of the camera, including any ongoing fees for cloud storage or professional monitoring services.

Below are a few of our Dealer Brands:

  • Avigilon
  • IC Realtime
  • Luma Surveillance
  • Honeywell

Surveillance Covering Your Entire Property

You need a surveillance solution that covers your entire property through strategic camera placement, including interior and exterior areas. Our technical team will formulate a unique camera surveillance system that covers your entire property, including the perimeters, entrances, and corridors.

Our surveillance outdoor cameras feature coatings that protect them against moisture, the sun’s UV rays, and inclement weather. These systems are also tamper-proof and provide optimal longevity, so you don’t need to worry about costly, premature replacements.

We offer discreet indoor camera installations that deliver a high-resolution security feed to the cloud or physical storage. Other indoor surveillance features we offer include two-way talking and geofencing, a virtual perimeter for your property.

Location-Specific Surveillance Solutions

Our team has extensive experience providing security solutions in Jupiter, FL, and we can recommend the optimal security camera surveillance solution for your home or business.

Do you want to monitor a sizable outdoor asset like a solar panel array or an ancillary building? We recommend a long-range bullet camera with a motorized varifocal lens that lets you identify a vehicle or intruder at a distance of up to 500 feet.

On the other hand, if you want optimal coverage inside a restaurant, bank, or home, we typically recommend a surveillance system that features wide-angle infrared surveillance cameras for night vision. We can meet all your surveillance needs, regardless of their uniqueness.

Video doorbell

Video Doorbell Installation

A video doorbell is a versatile security feature for residential and commercial properties. These video doorbells look great and are easy to integrate with smart features or technologies, such as door and gate locks, lights, and alarm systems.

With our video doorbells installations, you can monitor all your property’s entry points from your smart device, no matter where you are. Using a video doorbell, you can record security camera footage, communicate remotely with visitors, or unlock the door for someone you know. Other helpful video doorbell features include motion detection, camera sensors, and built-in alarms. Check out more information about Security Camera Installation in Palm Beach.


Wired and Wireless Camera Systems

At Seagull Electronics, we install both wired cameras and wireless cameras surveillance systems.

Wired security cameras systems are ideal for fixed security system installations that require optimal and reliable connections with system components, such as routers, storage devices, and alarms. Because these systems don’t rely on Wi-Fi or other over-the-air connections, they are not susceptible to signal drops or recording issues. The physical wire connections also make these systems harder to steal.

If you have a reliable Wi-Fi network and need a more flexible surveillance system, we can provide you with wireless security cameras.

These wireless security camera systems are mobile, and you can relocate them depending on your security requirements.

To find out which option is best for you, get in touch with one of our technical consultants. 

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Custom Business and Home Security Camera Systems

Do you want AC-powered or battery-powered cameras? Do you have the infrastructure to support a wireless system? At Seagull Electronics, we pride ourselves on providing personalized camera surveillance solutions that fit our customers’ budgets and requirements.

Our technicians will systematically take you through the process of evaluating your business or home security needs. We will also provide you with all the information you need to make calculated decisions.

During your initial consultation, we will consider various factors:

  • The optimal security footage storage method for you
  • The areas you want to place under surveillance
  • The existing security features protecting your property
  • The need for night vision, sound detection, motion activation, pan tilting, and other capabilities

Once we understand your needs, we will develop a unique surveillance system for your home or business.

Video Surveillance — Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the technologies contributing to the effectiveness of camera surveillance systems. At Seagull Electronics, we make it possible for you to monitor your cameras remotely using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Using a security app, you can view feeds from individual cameras or create custom layouts to monitor your entire property at a glance. You can also adjust your settings to receive notifications whenever your surveillance system detects movement or sound. This feature integrates remote monitoring with your alarm system and authority notifications.

Do you want to control your camera surveillance system and home automation from one easy-to-use platform? We can set up this interface for you.

Professional Surveillance Camera Installation

At Seagull Electronics, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and quality. We believe in thorough communication to ensure that we understand your security needs. Our team’s objective is to ensure your satisfaction, and we will only consider a surveillance project complete if you are happy with the results. 

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