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Seagull Electronics provides industry-leading marine automation for clients Palm Beach to Miami, Florida. Call us today at (561) 264-0576 to discuss upgrades for your marine home.

Out on the water, your vessel isn’t merely a home away from home. It’s your home on the open sea, and the comforts of home shouldn’t be exclusive to your space on dry land. With a high-quality marine automation system, you can have all the technological luxuries you need on the water.

Marine Distributed Audio

With more than 35 years of providing excellent audio, visual, and automation solutions under our belt, Seagull Electronics has the expertise to help you engineer and install an integrated automation system tailored to your needs. Forget about leaving home for the water; take home with you wherever you go, and curate a comfortable, luxurious boating experience.

Many of our yacht installations are clients that also entrust us with their South Florida homes. Trust and reliability, right from the start.

Our mission is to offer you the latest in marine integration.

At Seagull Electronics, our mission is to help you create the perfect conditions for your home on the water. Our experienced technicians will create a marine automation system optimized for your needs. Our automation systems provide the ideal atmosphere and experience for you and your guests with various features and personalization options.

These systems include the latest tech and automation features to help you craft your ideal experience. These features include:

Smart Yacht Automation Jupiter

Seagull Electronics provides first-rate marine automation and technology, from atmosphere control to high-quality audio-visual systems. Upgrade your home on the water, and ensure the best possible experience for your time at sea.

Enjoy Personalized, State-of-the-Art Comfort

Seagull Electronics’ marine automation systems offer more than the benefit of modern technology. Beyond convenience, our automation systems facilitate an experience like no other, allowing you to curate a more memorable stay in your home on the water.

Create a Unique Trip for Every Guest

Our marine automation systems grant you and your guests the freedom to change and transform your experience at the touch of a button. Easy-to-navigate controls allow you to shift the mood in seconds. Guests in individual rooms can adjust the settings for their comfort, or you can use the audio and lighting systems to host a boat-wide party!

Going out on the water doesn’t have to mean disconnecting from the world, either. With high-speed, top-quality networking, you can stream music and media while you enjoy your time at sea.

Multi-room video and audio provide the ultimate entertainment system. Whether you and your guests wish to enjoy different media in separate rooms or come together for a watch party on the water, Seagull Electronics gives you the technology you need to ensure an enjoyable experience for every passenger on board.

Ambiance Control at Your Fingertips

With automated lighting, shading, and climate control, you can modify your environment according to your needs from moment to moment. Imagine a marine abode fine-tuned to exactly the settings you like, with adjustable controls for every environmental comfort.

Our home automation systems ensure efficiency and enjoyment, giving you complete control over your environment. Ambiance control allows you to alter settings from your chosen device, with setting options such as:

  • Turning entertainment systems on or off from anywhere
  • Streaming music or audio from any connected device
  • Changing temperature from room to room
  • Dimming, turning on, or turning off lights from room to room
  • Accessing your monitoring system

Upgrade your home on the water and tailor settings to your needs. We at Seagull Electronics have the best technology available to design and install a one-of-a-kind marine automation system for your sea-faring home. 

Marine Automation
Marine Automation

High-tech Security on the Water

Being out on the water certainly provides some privacy compared to the mainland, but a little extra security guarantees peace of mind. The skilled technicians at Seagull Electronics can create and install a state-of-the-art monitoring system to ensure your safety, security, and comfort.

We provide smart technology integration to protect you, your family, and your guests aboard your marine abode. With mobile, facial recognition, and keypad entry access, you can securely access controls and monitor or adjust the conditions of any room, all at the touch of a button. At the same time, streamlined cameras and motion sensors allow for surveillance in real time.

Seagull Electronics designs, engineers, and installs cutting-edge smart security systems to keep you safe on the seas and place the control in your hands. With our marine automation systems, you can enjoy the comfort of a personalized security system and protect your home on the water.

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Since 1988, Seagull Electronics has provided high-quality service to customers in South Florida. Many years of experience have afforded us a wealth of knowledge and expertise in automation, and we employ those skills in every home and Yacht we visit.

The landscape of technology has shifted since we first opened our doors. As technology and the needs of our clients change with the times, we evolve to provide the most modern audio, visual, and automation solutions for your favorite watercraft. We can engineer and install technology to meet your automation needs, from security and monitoring systems and climate control to lighting and state-of-the-art media systems.

Smart Yacht


When you choose Seagull Electronics, we promise the best in marine automation, security, communication, and entertainment systems. Whether you need high-speed network connections, smart lighting integration, or controls that allow you to elevate your watercraft to a luxurious, relaxing space, we can create the perfect system for your vision. With our help, you can have the boating experience of your dreams.

Don’t settle for less for your home on the water. Upgrade your marine automation system today! Contact Seagull Electronics in Jupiter, Florida at (561) 624-0220 to learn more about how we can use smart technology to help you create the perfect space on the seas for you and your family.

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