Power requirements for your home theater Fort Lauderdale

Just as any other electronic device, a home theater Fort Lauderdale requires power to operate.

Home-theater-fort-lauderdaleIn this post, home theater refers to the electronic devices rather than a room. These devices will require a supply of alternating current in order for them to operate. Therefore, if you live in a place where there is no such power supply, you might have to consider getting an inverter to get you such power. Once you have this type of power, you will need to consider the power outlets within the room where you will be setting up the home theater. If the outlets are placed appropriately, you will not have to make extra considerations. Otherwise, you might have to purchase power extension devices to get the power to the electronic devices.

Power risks for a home theater Fort Lauderdale

Home theater Fort Lauderdale individual components are relatively expensive. You would not wish to invest in such items and have them spoil due to power problems. Possible power problems include surges and interference. Surges are bad because they lead to burning of these components, meaning that you cannot use the device until when repaired. On the other hand, interference reduces the quality of sound from speakers and video quality from a TV screen.

Advantages of a home theater Boca Raton

A home theater Boca Raton is as good as a cinema setting only on a smaller scale.

Home-theater-boca-ratonHowever, the small scale does not water down the quality of the room. This is because of the devices that are included in the setting. The home theater will have a sufficiently large screen and nowadays someone can also have a 3D screen for optimal video quality. In addition, the room will have a good speaker system with a good surround. The surround system should have at least five speakers depending on your budget and room size.


Additional settings for a home theater Boca Raton

In order to enjoy the most advantages of your home theater Boca Raton you need to include good sitting furniture and appealing lighting. The first advantage with such a theater is convenience whenever you want some entertainment. This is because you will not have to travel to a commercial theatre which will include some commuting and expenditure in order to enjoy the service. Moreover, being at home you will be able to enjoy a good snack or beverage as you entertain yourself. In addition, if you have many friends, you can easily invite them and entertain them as well. We all appreciate good company during entertainment.

Home Automation Fort Lauderdale Benefits

Home Automation  Fort Lauderdale goal is a home experience that is simplified, effective and more relaxing.

Home-Theater-Fort-LauderdaleHome automation Fort Lauderdale links all electrical devices in your home to a single easy to use and powerful interface allowing one to control music, climate, locks and climate from a single point. The systems designed are unique for a particular client and fulfill their particular needs. Home automation Fort  Lauderdale offers practical and simple solutions to whole home control. Variety of functions and services differ in different home systems. Some systems send clients real time notifications like texts and email alerts in case of set security bleaches and home environment standards.

Benefits of Home Automation Fort Lauderdale

The greatest advantage is that one can protect home against break-ins and fires. Home Automation Fort Lauderdale helps save the amount of energy, labor, time and materials. The system can switch off the lights when there is enough light and also control the amount of heat entering the house thus reducing the energy that would have otherwise used for cooling the house. Operating systems that can master all the controls of a home are becoming less expensive and so is their cost. This in return makes home automation Fort Lauderdale more and more affordable. The size of a family does not make home automation an attainable but rather makes life sweeter and easy.

Operations Of Home Automation Jupiter

Home Automation Jupiter may also be known as domotics. It refers to the electronic and automatic control of appliances, activities and features in a household at a centralized control point.

home-automation-jupiterThe controlled components in a home may include security locks, doors and gates, appliances, lighting, and surveillance cameras. Over the past few years, home automation Jupiter has greatly increased and it now isn’t just a privilege to a selected class of people. The greatest advantage of domotics is the ease with which it can be managed at an array of devices: tablets, desktops, laptops and even smart phones. It is important before choosing a automation package for your premises to understand and be informed of the features associated with home safety and security systems.

How Does Home Automation Jupiter Work

Home Automation Jupiter is composed of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces that work together to integrate electrical devices with one another. Through the touch of a button, all domestic activities and appliances can be controlled from a location of the user’s choice. The three components that make this happen are sensors, actuators and controllers. Sensors monitor the aspects that can be adjusted using the automation system. Controllers are the devices that used to send and receive messages about the status of the automated features. Actuators are the devices that control the functions of a home automated system.

Picking A Subwoofer For Your Home Theater In Jupiter

home theater jupiterAsk any home theater Jupiter enthusiast about their equipment, and they’ll probably drop a few specs about their screen, talk about the quality of their receivers, maybe show off some of their secondary components like the remote that dims the lights or the digital archive of their movies.

But when it’s time to impress the company, the star player is always the thunderous, earth-shaking bass sound — and whether the jet’s going past your head or the monster is crushing a building, the component that brings it home is the subwoofer. Picking the right one for your needs and balancing it with the system you have can be a little tricky, but keeping in mind just a couple of things can get you on track.

First of all, there’s the matter of frequency. The sub is going to take over where your other speakers leave off, delving into the deepest lows where no regular speaker dares to follow. To avoid gaps in coverage, so to speak, your subwoofer needs to have a maximum high frequency that’s in line with the minimum low your existing speakers can reach.

Next, know your habits. If you listen to things loud all the time, you can generally get away with smaller subwoofers; but if you like to listen at lower levels, smaller diameter subs tend not to produce audible sounds (for most of us) at lower volumes. If you expect to listen to a lot of music in addition to watching movies, look for speakers that handle the relatively higher frequencies (e.g. 30Hz to 80Hz) that are common in music, rather than the much lower rumbles associated with films.

Finally, consult with a professional to determine whether you’re overpowering (or underpowering) your specific space. To arrange a consultation with our home theater experts, contact us today!

Energy Efficent

2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award

A long-time participant of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program, LG believes we all play an important role in protecting our environment.

LG was extremely proud when they won the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for the first time in 2012, and again in 2013, for their efforts to manufacture and support products with exceptional energy performance. Since first winning the award LG has strives to constantly expand efforts to help consumers combat climate change and conserve the environment.


This year LG has been acknowledged by EPA with a 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence Award, which is the highest distinction granted to ENERGY STAR partners who have shown an intense commitment to helping consumers become more and more energy efficient. In addition, LG is one of only 10 companies out of tens of thousands of ENERGY STAR Partners to be awarded with the inaugural 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year-Climate Communications Award this year.


Here are some highlights of LG’s efforts:


Innovation and savings

LG prides themselves on developing the most innovative energy efficient products that not only provide their customers with remarkable performance, but also help them save energy, time and money.  For example, LG TVs feature the Intelligent Sensor which automatically calibrate and optimize brightness, white balance, color and contrast based on the ambient light in the room.  LG TVs also include a power saving mode with backlight dimming: 5 modes of High, Medium, Low, Off, and Auto with a mechanical power-off switch so that the LG TV uses no standby power while not in use.


Going the extra mile

In 2013, more than 100 LG products were identified with the ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient” distinction. This Award observes noteworthy products that represent the leading edge in energy efficient products for a particular year. With LG’s heightened focus on energy efficiency products, it shouldn’t shock you that last year more than 1.6 million of LG’s energy efficient products given this distinction were purchased.


Change is good

In addition to building the most innovative energy efficient appliances and electronics possible, LG also works hard to make sure consumers understand how they can help do their part to combat climate change. In 2013, LG had a nationwide public education and community outreach campaign about energy efficiency which reached tens of millions of consumers. This effort was created to help consumers recognize the positive impact their energy-efficient practices can have on the environment.


As a long-time ENERGY STAR participant, LG is extremely honored to be recognized by the EPA for their continuing leadership and long-term commitment to energy efficiency through both the Climate Communications awards and the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence.


It’s all possible with LG. And with LG and ENERGY STAR, you don’t have to forgo style or performance to have energy efficiency. LG Electronics’ accomplishments were recognized at an awards ceremony on April 29.  Contact Seagull Electronics today for more information on LG!!

Android now has built-in Sonos support on Google Play Music!

SonosGoogle Play Music is adding native support for Sonos which lets Android users stream songs to the hi-fi speaker systems more easily. The ability to send music straight to the popular speakers is now baked right in, which eliminates the need to use Sonos Controller app. Google Play Music is the first leading service to provide this level of built-in Sonos integration. This ability was achieved thanks to a tight partnership between the two companies. Sonos continues to invest in ways that you can control and experience your music at home by creating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms. Sonos has created a music experience that shows how devices, media, and sound can smoothly work together in the home.

Your Android device will still need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the Sonos equipment. You will also still need the Sonos Controller app installed, even if you won’t be using it to control the music. Once you have those two things, all it takes is hitting the casting icon in the upper right corner of Google Play Music and then choosing which speaker you want the music to come out of. If you’ve got multiple Sonos devices in a multi-room setup, you’ll be given the choice to pick between them.

Sonos 2








If you prefer using the Sonos Controller for playback, Google Play Music will now show up as one of many supported services there.  This is important, since for the moment, the native Sonos support will be exclusive to Android. Google says it takes advantage of Android-specific features, so streaming to Sonos with Google Play Music for iOS won’t be happening just yet. But iOS users still have a way to listen since the service now shows up in the Sonos Controller. It might not be as appealing as Google’s own app, but it’s everything you’d still expect from Play Music.

The big question is whether other streaming services will one day join in. It would be a major win if Sonos can pull off similar deals with Pandora, Rdio, or Beats Music. Spotify already has a Sonos-like platform to push. Things just got much easier for you if you’ve already bought into Sonos and your music library is with Google.


Need more information on Sonos products contact us today or just look at Sonos reviews.


Samsung Releases Smart Home Services



Samsung launches new service that features a single app that allows users to connect and control TV’s, home appliances and mobile devices.

This app will give the user the ability to simply say “Good Night” to the TV remote control, and connected devices within the home such as smart lights and other Samsung appliances can be set-up to automatically turn off.

Users can register for the Samsung Smart Home app with their personal Account. You can download the app from the Samsung Apps store and Google Play.  The company says there will be a separate app for Samsung Gear 2 powered by Tizen and the app for Samsung’s 2015 Smart TV models will be available in April.

In the second half of this year, Samsung’s Smart Bulb and Smart Ovens will be added to the service which includes the functionality for “good night” voice recognition.


Seagull Electronics is an authorized dealer in Palm Beach County for all Samsung products including TV’s and appliances.  Contact us for more information on Samsung smart homes services.

Homeowners Can Use: Smart Irrigation Using Home Automation

Seagull0404When it comes to automated home electronics, residents who are on the fence and not yet committed to the technology tend to look for that “one thing” that tips the scales for them, where the notion of a smart home goes from an idle curiosity to something that provides a real, tangible and attractive benefit to something specific in their life.

For some people it’s energy savings; for others it’s as simple as being able to enjoy their music and video anywhere in the home. Still others are enamored with the security aspects of home automation. But if none of that floats your boat, there’s an emerging sector of the smart home market that might: smart irrigation.

There’s nowhere in the country where water is becoming more abundant and less expensive; to the contrary, most homeowners are struggling to balance higher water costs and more restrictive use regulations with their desire for a garden, or a section of lawn, or even the basics of landscaping. And while there’s nothing new about using timers to switch watering systems on and off — or even distinguishing between zones that receive different amounts of water at different times — the smart home twist is using sensors and the internet to inform your watering.

Imagine a suite of moisture sensors that can tell when the soil near your flowers is at optimum saturation, switching off the drip irrigation at precisely the right moment. Or imagine a weather station that collected data about projected and measured temperatures and humidity, and offered recommendations about watering for particular plants. Smart homes won’t just save energy inside — they’re poised to save water outside as well!

To speak with the experts in home electronics residents recommend most Seagull Electronics home automation company. Let us help you enjoy all the benefits of home automation in Miami!

Back To The Future: 3D Home Theater Basics

Seagull0403As the technology that drives 3D home theater systems begins to mature — becoming less “bleeding edge” and more mainstream by the day — it’s quickly turning into the most popular segment of home theater clients of ours are interested in. To help them (and you) out, we thought it would be worth a moment or two to go over the basics — what you need to get going into the third dimension in your home theater.

Your biggest investment will be in your 3D-enabled television or video projector. The monitor is often the most pricey part of any home theater system, but be ready to spend even more for the ability to handle 3D standards. The good news is that there is a standard — which means you won’t be locked into any single source of content.

Speaking of content, you’ll need a way to translate 3D signals for your monitor, whatever style you choose. That means you’ll need to replace your current players with 3D-enabled Blu-ray players, which again might cost more than standard boxes. If you’ve found 3D content on cable or satellite, you’re probably going to need a receiver there that can handle it as well — open the wallet yet again.

Finally, there’s the delicate matter of glasses. No one’s found an effective way to create 3D without them, but the good news is you won’t be sitting with goody red and blue paper masks on — you’ll need either passive polarized glasses or active shutter glasses. The former are relatively inexpensive, and come in a variety of fits; the latter can run upwards of $150. Regardless, many monitors come with proprietary glasses that may suit you just fine.

Seagull Electronics 3D Brands:


For help designing and installing a 3D home theater system, or to speak with the experts in home theater that Palm Beach County trusts most, contact us today!

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