Savant Home Automation Installation

Are you ready to customize your home with the newest technology? Contact Seagull Electronics. We install your Savant home automation system and help you customize it to fit your needs. Contact us online or call (561) 624-0220 for a free smart technology consultation.

What Are Savant Systems?

Savant home automation systems allow you to connect your favorite apps and smart devices all in one place. Savant’s technology ties your home together, from the HVAC system to the lighting fixtures, for intuitive and seamless integration. The expert electricians at Seagull Electronics will set up your smart home control system for easy use.

How To Enjoy Savant

Savant Home Automation

Control lights, home theaters, window shades, security systems, and more at the touch of a fingertip. Use the Savant Pro mobile app and remote control to preset and customize your home to fit daily habits.

Home Audio & Video

Experience cinema-quality surround sound and video production from Savant-connected devices in the comfort of your home.

Savant Shades

Protect your privacy with Savant shades you can raise and lower quickly at your discretion. Different thickness levels allow for effortless home temperature control, keeping money in your wallet where it belongs.


You can remotely automate your interior and exterior lights, set a lighting schedule, create presets for special events, and more.

Climate Control

Control the temperatures inside your home or even in your pool. Use the sliders in Heat or Cool mode, or set your favorite presets for Auto mode. Set specific days for certain temperatures with the Calendar and monitor your energy use from the Savant Pro interface.

Security System

Know what is happening in your home no matter where you are. Arm, disarm, lock, and unlock exterior doors and view your camera feed through the convenient app.

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What We Offer For Our Customers

Smart Lighting

Set up smart lighting routines to save energy and have total lighting management at your fingertips. Whether you’re dimming the lights for a special dinner or turning your bedroom lamps off at night, Control4 Home Automation has it under control.

Multi-Room Audio

Play all your favorites in one room—or every room—from all your favorite streaming services. Enjoy the best tunes in the very best quality with music the way it is intended to be heard.

Climate Control

Cozy up with climate control the entire family can agree on! Smart scheduling, voice control capabilities, even integrations with shades and fans. It’s your home, only more comfortable.

Home Security

Imagine how secure you’d feel if your home sent you real-time notifications, alerted you to guests at the door, and even turned on lights and TVs while you’re away to deter home invasions.

Home Network

A strong, reliable home network is the backbone to every smart home haven, and you don’t want to skimp out on the foundation of something you use each and every day.

Home Theater

A cinema experience so immersive you won’t ever want to step into a theater again. With total control of the lights, temperature, speakers, and all entertainment, your home theater just became a box office hit.

Intercom Anywhere

The ability to check in on your home and communicate with loved ones is right in the palm of your hand. An intercom system, smart doorbell, video communication tool, and more all wrapped up in one attractive and easy-to-use app.

Universal Remotes

The modern clicker is more powerful than ever. A tried and true way to control the entertainment in your home now stretches across the entire house! Lighting, shades, speakers, security all, quite literally, in the palm of your hand.

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