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Smart Indoor Living Solutions

At Seagull Electronics, we provide indoor living smart technology solutions that transform your home into a luxurious, comfortable, and efficient space. We operate throughout Jupiter, Florida, helping clients achieve effortless control over their entire properties. We can install smart indoor living solutions in the following rooms:

  • Kitchen: Did you accidentally leave the stove on before leaving the house? Want to queue your morning coffee? Our smart kitchen features help you take care of all this and more!
  • Bedroom: Enjoy the best sleep of your life with tailored climate control, automatic shades, and subtle lighting queues.
  • Bathroom: Want to listen to the weather forecast while getting ready for work? Enjoy integrated sound systems in every room!
  • Living room: Manage your television sounds, media, fans, windows, and lighting so you can transform your living room into the most comfortable space possible.
  • Entertainment room: Whether you have a bar, gaming, media, or theater room, you can control all of your consoles and technology with one system.
  • Wine cellar: Easily adjust your wine cellar’s temperature using one-touch climate control from any location.

●        Whole-home systems: Manage all of the above rooms with one unified system.

Indoor Living Installations

Palm Beach County is a beautiful area, though the climate isn’t always ideal. You often struggle with scorching temperatures and extreme humidity. We want to help you create an interior oasis you can retreat to on the hottest summer days or cool winter evenings to enjoy enhanced comfort. Are you searching for home theater installation in Juno Beach? Seagull Electronics is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

Our team installs all-encompassing indoor living solutions that allow you to:

  • Achieve the perfect ambiance in your home with advanced lighting management
  • Easily adjust settings with one-touch control features
  • View everything inside your home with real-time surveillance
  • Rely on high-speed internet connecting all of your systems
  • Relax in a luxurious home theater with surround sound
  • Reduce energy expenses with intelligent UV-blocking shade technology
  • Manage your air conditioner while you’re away to reduce wasted usage
  • Rest easy knowing our team has your back if anything goes wrong

Our Services

We believe that elevating your outdated technology into a fully-integrated smart system transforms a house into a comfortable and modern home. We work with you to create a customized solution that fits all your needs, including:

Home theater

Imagine watching a movie on an enormous screen with crystal-clear surround sound without leaving your home. Our home theater solutions transform this dream into reality.

Multi-room audio

Attempting to play music across an entire house often leaves one room too loud and the rest too quiet. Our integrated multi-room audio system evenly disperses sounds across your house using zoned speakers.


You likely have more than a handful of lights in your house. Flipping each switch multiple times, a day is annoying and increases energy costs. Our lighting control system lets you schedule automatic lighting to achieve the perfect atmosphere in each room.

Automatic shades

Letting in too much or too little sun skyrockets energy bills, damages windows, and even degrades items inside your home. Rather than pulling the blinds daily, our automatic shade system lets you schedule window coverage throughout the day.

Voice commands

Imagine walking into your home with arms full. The last thing you want is to drop something trying to flip on the kitchen lights. Voice commands let you control anything in your home without lifting a finger.

Video surveillance

Interior video surveillance is excellent for keeping an eye on pets, young kids, or anything else in your home. Our system offers real-time footage that syncs directly to your phone.


You might wonder how you can power all this technology on your current network. Don’t worry—our Wi-Fi service features enterprise-grade power so your home can handle all the new devices.

Home automation

Entire home systems allow you to manage all the features above from a single platform. Rather than handling dozens of panels and switches, conveniently control all of your home’s power right from your device.

Discreet devices

We custom design all interior devices and smart home systems to blend seamlessly into your home’s design and décor.

Seagull Electronics: Our Process

Selecting contractors, you trust to improve your home is everything, and we understand how challenging that can be. We walk you through each process step with transparent communication, so you always feel heard and in the loop. Our standard process includes five steps to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied:

First consultation

When you schedule your first consultation, our team analyzes your home, needs, and goals to understand which services may fit your requirements.

Initial design

After consulting, our team designs an initial idea that matches your desires and budget requirements. When we present this proposal, you can offer any suggestions or feedback to make it perfect.

Final design

We use your feedback to make final tweaks to the design. Once we finalize the outline, we offer confirmed expenses and timelines so that you know what you’re getting into.

Installation and setup

Our team installs, programs, and sets up all of the technology in your home, so you don’t have to spend hours onboarding. We teach you how to use each device and answer any questions so you can feel confident.


Before our team completes the project, we conduct a final walkthrough and test all appliances, lights, windows, cameras, or other tech to ensure that everything works the way it should.

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