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First impressions can make or break any business, especially restaurants and hotels. When guests step across the threshold, you want them to feel like they’re about to experience something special. At Seagull Electronics, we can make that happen with state-of-the-art hospitality automation.

Seagull Electronics collaborates with architects, builders, and design teams in Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding area. We offer a wide range of highly customized automation services to meet your preferences and needs. We’ll handle the process so that you can enjoy spectacular results.

What Is Hospitality Automation?

Hospitality automation refers to a centralized control system that manages day-to-day hotel operations. For some hotels, dimming the lights or closing the blinds is a manual job. However, hospitality automation simplifies these tasks and gets them done instantly with the push of a button.

The specialists at Seagull Electronics have helped many businesses in the hospitality industry switch to automated control systems. While some routine tasks may require a human touch, others could go just as well and more efficiently with automation. Our team will work closely with you to ensure top-quality solutions that are right for you.

How You Can Utilize Hotel Automation

You can use hospitality automation in various ways to improve the guest experience. On top of that, you’ll free up staff members to focus on more critical aspects of the business. Some common examples of hotel automation include:

Smart lighting

With smart lights, you can set the mood throughout the hotel or in a specific room. Sensors will also help the lights dim or brighten at certain times, ensuring you use only the energy you need.

Check-in/check-out kiosks

Lobby kiosks are ideal for busy, tired guests. They can check in and out without waiting in line or interacting with other humans.

Climate control

Temperatures in Florida fluctuate during the day and throughout the year. With an automated climate control system, you can rest assured the guest room will stay comfortable for the duration.

Motorized shades

Hundreds of giant windows are nice for letting in natural sunlight and brightening the room. But closing the blinds or drawing the shades can be a time-consuming process. Motorized shades allow you to do this automatically and at set times.

Audio-visual integration

Some hospitality automation systems enable you to connect audio-visual media like never before. Your guests will love the pixel-perfect picture and immersive sound quality.

Centralized cabling

Automation technology can keep your electronic highway organized and running smoothly. You can control it from a centralized location to minimize glitches and downtime.

Benefits of Hospitality Automation

If you want your establishment to stand out from the rest, consider investing in top-notch hotel and restaurant automation technology. Our smart services offer numerous benefits for you, the staff, and your hotel guests.

Improved Guest Experience

Guests are the number one priority for any hotel or restaurant owner. You want to ensure your guests have an excellent stay and look forward to returning. Beyond that, you want your guests to recommend the accommodations, leave a five-star review, and encourage their friends and family to stay.

Hospitality automation can improve the guest experience and create a lasting impression. For example, automated climate control will keep your guests happy, healthy, and comfortable. This means a better night’s sleep and a more enjoyable trip overall.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Hotels often struggle to provide exceptional services while minimizing costs. Energy efficiency is essential to maintaining this level of hospitality while keeping the electric bill low. With hotel automation, you can use less energy without sacrificing quality services.

Smart lighting is one way automation tech helps increase efficiency. Turning up the lights 24/7 wastes a lot of energy and may not even be necessary. However, smart lights regulate the brightness levels around the clock to ensure maximum efficiency.

Hospitality Automation

More Effective Communication

Although communication is key in any working environment, this principle is especially true in the hospitality sector. Staff members must communicate clearly and quickly to keep a hotel running at peak performance. They also need to remain available to guests day and night.

With hospitality automation, you can have more effective staff-to-staff and guest-to-staff communication. Hotel room apps, kiosks, and other automated technologies enable individuals to contact the right person at the right time—no more transferred calls or unhelpful go-betweens.

Convenient Check-ins and Check-outs

Thanks to automated hotel technology, checking in and out has never been easier. You can set up a lobby kiosk so guests can handle check-ins and check-outs on their own. They can skip the line at the front desk and go straight to their room.

Reduced Operation Costs

Daily hotel  and restaurant operations require money. In addition to paying for the tasks themselves, you must pay for staff members to manage them. The more procedures you have, the more time they will take to complete and the higher your costs will be.

Hospitality automation cuts down on operation costs in a couple of ways:

  • Less time: Time is money. While manual operations can be time consuming, automated processes get done instantly with one click.
  • Less staff: Manual jobs depend on multiple staff members being available. Automated jobs rely on computers, so you won’t have to pay someone to adjust the thermostat or dim the lights.

Preparation for the Future

Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years, and it continues to advance. Hospitality automation used to be a dream. Now, it’s a reality.

Investing in hotel and restaurant automation today will help you keep up with technological advances. If you’re a step behind right now, you’ll be two steps behind in the future. Install an automation system and stay ready for whatever might come next!

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