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Home Theater Seating: Don’t Quit Now!

Home Theater Seating: Don’t Quit Now!

It never ceases to amaze us how many people will research every component of their home theater system for months or even years — down to the last resistor — and then give only a casual inspection of home theater furniture options. This neglect is counter intuitive, especially considering the generally poor quality of theater seating is often cited as one of the biggest reasons people get into home theater in the first place!

We advise our clients to take as much time considering home theater seating as they did every other piece of their home theater puzzle — and, like they did for everything else in their system, start by asking a few questions. How much are you interested in spending on seating? Do you want just seats, or do you want them to be part of your system itself? And will you be using these seats in any capacity other than facing front, looking at the screen?

There are several popular options, from simple recliners to multi-chair lounge systems. Leather is a popular material for all kinds of comfortable seating, and home theater furniture is no exception — but consider your audience, and think about whether you’ll be seeing a lot of spills or rough activity more common in children and teenagers, or whether it will be all adults enjoying your home theater.

Several manufacturers are incorporating bass shakers into their home theater seating, which vibrate the seats in tandem with a film’s soundtrack. It’s an immersive technology that has fans and detractors, but your best bet is to try watching a movie in one before committing to a row of them.

Finally, there’s no substitute for careful planning. From numbers and sizing to spacing to proper distance from the screen, our technicians can help; contact us today!


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