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Home Theater Systems : It’s time to enjoy life

Home Theater Systems : It’s time to enjoy life

Palm Beach Gardens home owners purchase home theater systems in order to have a good quality sound and to enjoy the incredible atmosphere when listening to music or watching movies at home.

It is however sad when the system starts to hum. This is the most disturbing problem you can experience with your home theater system for your home in Palm Beach Gardens. You can never enjoy anything that you are listening to. Many people have been pulling their hair off trying to figure out where the problem could be coming from. Most often the humming problem is caused by a grounding problem. The three most common types of ground problems are: ground loops, improper grounding and lack of a ground all together. This can cost you all your comfort if you do not know where to begin so as to correct the problem.

Steps for troubleshooting and Eliminating Humming

  • The first step is to find where it is coming from.
  • You first disconnect the whole home theater system and note if the humming stops.
  • You then connect them back one at a time until the noise returns and then you have found where the noise is entering your system from.

At times noise could be induced into long cables by adjacent electrical wires. In this case it is also very easy to create a ground loop because the equipment is plunged in to two different, widely separated outlets on different electrical circuits. In most cases you can work on the noise problem by taking on a systematic approach the signal chain eliminating each piece of equipment as you go by.

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