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Home Theater Design: Common Pitfalls

  1. Home Theater Design: Common Pitfalls

Over the years our professional home theater designers and technicians have created a lot of entertainment spaces; we’ve set up systems and environments that have been everything from simple, understated affairs with state-of-the-art equipment and transparent design to wondrous “better than the theater itself” screening rooms that suggest the owner need never walk down a sticky aisle again in their lifetime.

We’ve also seen (and fixed) a lot of home theater spaces that were “designed” by people who perhaps didn’t think things through as well as they could have. Here are a few common mistakes that we can help you avoid as you imagine your perfect home entertainment room.

Location, location, location. It’s the rule in real estate, and frankly it’s too often overlooked in choosing the right place for your home theater. Picking a room that might seem to be just the right shape and size for your dream in-home movie experience, but forgetting that it shares a wall with, say, the baby’s bedroom or your wife’s office, means you’re either looking at the expense of additional soundproofing or family counseling. Pick a spot where you can be as loud as you need to be, no matter when you watch.

Size matters, but bigger is not always better. This might seem counterintuitive as you dream of the “big screen,” but there is a limit to how large a screen should be. The proper sizing of a screen should take into account how far away a viewer will be sitting when watching it. Too small, and you won’t enjoy the details brought out by today’s high-definition pictures; too big, and viewers will be constantly turning their heads and straining their necks.

Light is not your friend. Ideally, we all have a perfect room in our house for a home theater that has no windows and a blackout door that can be closed. In the real world, consider a liberal application of blinds and curtains — we’ve helped our clients design window coverings that draw and retract at the beginning and end of a movie-watching experience.

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