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Security Electronics:Professionals Recommend Common Sense In Home Security Practices

Security Electronics:Professionals Recommend Common Sense In Home Security Practices

Over the years we’ve helped install a lot of home security & video surveillance systems in Jupiter— our specialty has been finding ways to integrate security with the home electronics clients want in other aspects of their lives, such as their home automation systems. But no matter how elaborate a system is, it’s no match for homeowners who neglect a few simple security habits — and therefore is no real match for a determined criminal.


We were going to call this blog “The 7 Habits Of Highly Secure People,” but there really aren’t seven things you need to remember.


1. Lock the door. It might seem like it should go without saying, but the truth is an overwhelming majority of thefts occur because a homeowner simply forgot to lock a door — or worse still, was in the habit of not locking one of the doors or windows in a house regularly. Even the best systems can be compromised if a determined burglar can get to them easily; locking doors and windows goes a long way.

2. Arm your home security system. See “lock the door” above.

3. Light things up. There’s no substitute for throwing a little light on an area when it comes to deterring crime. Some security systems will take care of this end of things for you on a schedule, or can trigger lights when motion is sensed. But even without that, simply turning on a light or two deters a lot of break-in attempts.

4. Keep up appearances. If you’re going out of town, have the newspaper and mail delivery halted so things don’t pile up and make it obvious no one’s watching the house. And don’t tell everyone on Facebook you’re on a four week vacation, either — not all of them are your “friends.”

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