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Smart Home Tip: Lights Flashing

Smart Home Tip: Lights Flashing

Successful home automation is more than just being able to install the latest devices and controllers; over the years we’ve realized there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to great ideas on how to turn your house into a truly smart home. They key to smart house success is being able to integrate the components that are available in new innovative ways, and realizing that the goal is simple making your experience living there easier.

One of the better ideas we came across was a simple one that integrated a fridge door sensor with the existing lighting system. There’s no shortage of reasons a fridge door might be left ajar — kids of nearly every age manage to do it, as do adults. Sometimes the larger doors don’t shut because something inside shifted enough to block the door, and it might not be noticed until a lot of food has spoiled.

A great smart house “trick” is to set your house controller system to start flashing the kitchen lights on and off if the door has been left open for, say, five minutes or longer — or, if the temperature in the fridge or freezer starts to climb for whatever reason, start a sequence of increasing numbers of lights throughout the house to start flashing, alerting you to the problem in a relatively straightforward way.

The flashing light idea is a great one for those of us who don’t live with our home automation controllers at our sides every moment of the day. It can be used for any number of situations where something requires our attention — data from a garage door sensor, for example, can be used to start flashing lights if the door’s been left open after dark. Or think about integrating flashing lights with your doorbell or smoke detectors — especially if you like to watch movies or listen to music at higher volumes!

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