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Home Automation: Creating Safer, More Secure Homes

Home Automation: Creating Safer, More Secure Homes


Everyone’s done it — you’ve left the house, perhaps you’re at the end of the driveway, or just around the block, or maybe your flight is just lifting off. It’s at that often inopportune moment that you begin to doubt yourself: did you lock that side door before you left? Did you leave lights, faucets, or a major appliance running? Did you remember to reset the sprinkler system? Is the heat running full-tilt because you brushed against the thermostat on the way out the door? Worst of all, is there someone in your home not authorized to be there?

One of the most enduring benefits of the technology that has made home automation possible is how it offers us the ability to full monitor our homes from afar — whether across the street, or across the globe, home automation means you can answer every one of these questions with the touch of a button or a swipe across a smartphone.

Home automation systems offer you have full access to stored information that includes simple data such as climate controls and the status of light switches, but can also log information about who has been coming and going over a specified period of time. While you’re away, for example, you can monitor whether the repair technician has used his specific code to enter the home, or not — and using video technology you can check in real-time to monitor his progress, or view recordings of his time in the home, and deactivate his code once he’s finished so it can never be used to access the house again.

There’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing, at a glance, that your home and possessions are safe and sound while you’re away; and, if something needs adjusting — be it an overlooked door or window lock, thermostat setting, or sprinkler — home automation systems allow you to make that change from your smartphone or computer, and know with confidence things at home are just the way you left them. Or perhaps better.

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