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It may be time to boost cell phone service in your home.

Few things are more annoying than spotty cell service. You pay for service on a monthly basis and expect to be able to use your phone whenever you need it. When you see the dreaded zero bars and have no service, frustration arises. Too often, you experience dropped calls, and attempts to send texts fail. The target of that frustration: your cell service provider. 

It’s natural to blame your provider—after all, many advertise reliable, nationwide service. For those with unlimited data plans, your bill is the same every month, regardless of how much you’re able to actually use your service. But there may be other factors at play. Let’s explore the variety of things that can hinder optimal cell phone service and explain how to improve spotty service in your house.

Reasons Your Cell Phone Service Is Poor

Whether you’ve been experiencing bad service for a few hours or if it’s a regular occurrence, here are some common causes of poor cell service.

  • Building materials. Chances are you live in a home built before the cell phone’s emergence. Durability and strength were likely the top concerns for the architects, not network reception. Your property’s material, especially metal, concrete, or even some kinds of glass, might be interfering with cell service.
  • Distance from the nearest tower. When buying a home, the number of cell towers in the area might not be top of mind. But if you live in an area where there aren’t many, being far from one may cause ongoing issues with your service.
  • Busy network. Sometimes your cell network may experience higher-than-usual volumes of people streaming data and making phone calls. A heavier load can make things slower for everyone. Your provider should indeed be able to handle all of their customers, but sometimes demands might stretch their capacity.
  • Weather. Wind, rain, snow, heat, humidity all can affect service depending on the severity. Weather is unpredictable, and some providers are more susceptible to impact than others.
  • Low battery. When your cell phone’s battery is low, you might have trouble getting the best signal from your provider. A phone that has chronic battery problems might also experience difficulties connecting to the network.
  • Network provider issues. There are cases when internal issues in your provider’s network cause you to experience spotty signal. When this happens, you can expect your provider to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Tips For Improving Your Service

If your service provider confirms that there are no cell signal outages in your area, it’s up to you to find your own solution. Here are some tips to try:

Keep your phone charged. Pay attention to your phone’s battery level. If possible, try to keep it above 25% at all times. Low battery can affect call reception and could be making your cell problems worse.

Check signal strength at different spots in your home. Try making calls and sending text messages from different spots in your home. In each spot, pay attention to:

  • How many signal bars you have
  • Call quality
  • Speed of sending and receiving messages

You might notice that some spots receive better service than others.

Remove your phone case. A phone case protects your phone from damage but might also partially block optimal signal. Try removing your phone case and see how your phone performs.

Consider a Cell Signal Booster

The best solution to ongoing problems could be a cell signal booster. These devices strengthen the signal from your provider’s nearest cell tower. Installing one can be a game-changer.

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