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Homeowners Get Benefits Of Time, Money Savings With Home Automation

There’s a feeling among some people people that the “smart home” home automation trend is some sort of revolution; but while the designs in home automation in Miami. Smart home enthusiasts are enjoying are often innovative, there’s really nothing revolutionary about using technology to get more out of your life — to save time and money.

In fact, most home automation products are clever but short steps beyond products that were already on the market — already saving people time and money, but taking it a bit further. One of the great examples of this today is the Nest thermostat. Sure, the ability to control a thermostat over the internet is a relatively new idea, and a thermostat that “learns” about how long it takes a home to heat up (or cool off) is a great way to make your home more energy efficient.

But the first programmable thermostats erupted onto the market decades before anyone was talking about “smart homes” — and they saved homeowners a ton of money in energy costs. Even so-called “learning” thermostats — that adjusted their timing to get the home already at temperature at the programmed time, rather than just turning on then — are hardly new.

Smart homes simply take what are mostly existing technologies and intertwine them in creative ways. There’s nothing groundbreaking about a motorized sun shade, nor an electric timer, nor light sensors; but combine them with an electronic “brain” that figures out when to drop the blinds to save the most on cooling costs, and you’ve started putting the “smart” pieces together.

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