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Are you fed up with a slow, erratic network connection and internet speed? Araknis Networks have expertly designed products that can turn your struggling system into a high-performing, well-integrated, dependable environment. You can find the solutions to all your networking needs through an authorized Araknis dealer like Seagull Electronics.

At Seagull Electronics, located in Jupiter, FL, we offer a plethora of Araknis products and installation services to help you achieve a robust in-home or in-office network. Call us today at (561) 624-0220.

Products for a Reliable Network System

Every home and business needs a fast-working, dependable network to stay on top of busy schedules without missing a beat. Take your commercial or residential network system to the next level with cutting-edge products from Araknis Networks. You can browse and purchase items through authorized Araknis dealers like us at Seagull Electronics.


Araknis should be your one-stop shop for all things WiFi and internet-related. Users can put an incredible strain on their bandwidth, requiring a consistently high level of performance. But skillfully designed Araknis products can handle all your network demands. With an Araknis dealer, you can find and install the right switch for your home. We understand the importance of a reliable network that doesn’t glitch or seize up when you need it most. That’s why Seagull Electronics offers several switch series, including the 110, 210, and 310 series.

You can find Araknis switches with five, eight, 16, and 24 ports, depending on your networking needs. Every switch comes with OvrC, a cloud-based management platform that enables you to manage the network system from your smartphone. Switches also include various options like:

  • Unmanaged+
  • Websmart
  • Managed
  • Partial-
  • PoE+


Your daily work is only as effective as the network you use. By visiting a trusted Araknis dealer, you can browse best-in-class products that provide optimal internet speeds for professional integrators. You can’t go wrong with Araknis products. Seagull Electronic carries Araknis routers to boost your network and keep it secure. You don’t have to worry about high-speed internet because all Araknis routers support gigabit internet. The highest series (300) includes these features:
  • Configurable four-gigabyte LANs
  • Widespread VPN support
  • Embedded firewall

You can manage 300-series routers remotely with the OvrC cloud management system. This means setting up and adjusting your router anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. If you only want wireless connectivity, consider our selection of fast, reliable wireless access points.

Araknis—Your Solution for Fast, Reliable Networking

Araknis designs state-of-the-art products for commercial and residential network integration. Whether you work in the IT department or want a strong, dependable connection in your home, Araknis has the solution. For a wide variety of switches, routers, and wireless access points, contact an authorized dealer near you.

At Seagull Electronics, we help professional and residential integrators make the most of their network system. We provide only top-quality products and expert installation services to minimize the hassle and stress.

Call us at Seagull Electronics—your most trusted Araknis dealer and installer in Florida—at (561) 624-0220 to learn more about what we have to offer.

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