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Android now has built-in Sonos support on Google Play Music!

Android now has built-in Sonos support on Google Play Music!

Google Play Music is adding native support for Sonos which lets Android users stream songs to the hi-fi speaker systems more easily. The ability to send music straight to the popular speakers is now baked right in, which eliminates the need to use Sonos Controller app. Google Play Music is the first leading service to provide this level of built-in Sonos integration. This ability was achieved thanks to a tight partnership between the two companies. Sonos continues to invest in ways that you can control and experience your music at home by creating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms. Sonos has created a music experience that shows how devices, media, and sound can smoothly work together in the home.

Your Android device will still need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the Sonos equipment. You will also still need the Sonos Controller app installed, even if you won’t be using it to control the music. Once you have those two things, all it takes is hitting the casting icon in the upper right corner of Google Play Music and then choosing which speaker you want the music to come out of. If you’ve got multiple Sonos devices in a multi-room setup, you’ll be given the choice to pick between them.

Sonos 2 If you prefer using the Sonos Controller for playback, Google Play Music will now show up as one of many supported services there.  This is important, since for the moment, the native Sonos support will be exclusive to Android. Google says it takes advantage of Android-specific features, so streaming to Sonos with Google Play Music for iOS won’t be happening just yet. But iOS users still have a way to listen since the service now shows up in the Sonos Controller. It might not be as appealing as Google’s own app, but it’s everything you’d still expect from Play Music.

The big question is whether other streaming services will one day join in. It would be a major win if Sonos can pull off similar deals with Pandora, Rdio, or Beats Music. Spotify already has a Sonos-like platform to push. Things just got much easier for you if you’ve already bought into Sonos and your music library is with Google.


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