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Amazing visiting place in FL is  Jupiter Inlet Light

It is the Jupiter Inlet Light is located in Jupiter, Florida, on the northern side of Jupiter Inlet. The site of the lighthouse was decided in 1853. It’s located near Cape Canaveral Light and Hillsboro Inlet Light. It was designed by Lieutenant George G. Meade of the Bureau of Topographical Engineers. Meade’s design was later altered to suit the needs of Lieutenant William Raynolds. In 1854, the Jupiter Inlet silted shut 1854, requiring all construction materials to be transported in lightweight boats on the Indian River. The work was disrupted from 1856 until 1858 because of the Third Seminole War. The lighthouse was built under the direction of Capt. Edward A. Yorke in 1858 at a cost of greater than $60,000. The lighthouse was constructed on a hill that was thought of as an Indian shell mound, or midden, that is now thought to be an actual parabolic dune. The top of the tower, which measures 105 feet, is 153 feet higher than sea level. The light is visible for 24 nautical miles from the sea. The structure of the lighthouse is made of brick and has double walls. The exterior wall is conical and tapers between 31.5 inches at the ground to 18 inches at the base of the lantern. The interior wall is circular and two bricks thick throughout. Click here for more about Jupiter Inlet Light


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As their name suggests the home theaters are designed to be used by you in your own home. That means that movies, concerts as well as sporting events you enjoy inside your home become private events that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You can pick the furnishings, the equipment, and the space that makes up your home theater, making it more enjoyable whenever you use your own personal home theater. Your theater is only yours, and there will never be another just like it. That’s a major advantage for those who are a fan of the exclusivity of their home and want to show off their personal persona. See more here.



The feeling of sitting in your favorite seat to watch your favorite football team is a unique kind of entertainment however, according to the old saying it’s more beneficial to give than take. A high-quality home theater means you’ll have the opportunity to be able to share the experience with those close to you. The theater in your home will soon become the place to go for college students to get together and take in the action. Your children can invite their friends to movie nights or pajama parties within the safety and privacy of your own home. You’ll make lasting memories with your loved ones as you gather in your theater to watch their favorite holiday films each year. If you have a home theater your home will be the perfect place to enjoy films or sports events. You’ll also be able to enjoy your home for as long as you’d like. So don’t hesitate to knock us for a reliable home theater installation service in Jupiter, FL. Seagull Electronics is the most reputed company in Jupiter, FL. For more details, visit us through our website. See more here Jonathan Dickinson State Park is an amazing place


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